The Marigolds release debut single ‘Magnetic’ this Friday, 22nd of May.

The Marigolds release their debut single this week. It’s called ‘Magnetic’. We’ve had a listen at Clunk HQ. ‘What’s it like?’ I hear you cry. It’s pretty good. It’s catchy enough to get your air guitar out and maybe get a bit of headbanging done during the heftier parts, or you might just prefer a hairbrush and a singalong. It drives along nicely. I play it to the ‘Guitar Rock’ superfan at the far end of the Clunk HQ table and it is given the thumbs up. Try it, if you like it, buy it!

Read all about ’em……….Here is the Marigolds bio, Links are below.

The Marigolds are a punk funk trio that fuse driving, funky, hard-hitting riffs with ferocious choruses to create an energetic amped up sound.

Comprising of bassist/vocalist Joe Green, guitarist Joe Morgan and drummer Lucas Pidgen, the band formed in 2018 when the two Joes met at university in Liverpool.

Finding a middle ground between their love of heavy punk riffs (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, MudHoney) and off beat funky rhythms (Weather Report, Stevie Wonder), then mixing in psychedelic pop influences (Tame Impala) the band quickly found their sound. Adding Pidgen’s driving grooves on the kit completed the trio and they began writing songs together.

Emerging onto the Liverpool scene, playing gigs around the city the trio quickly started gaining a following for their blisteringly energetic and intense performances. Received enthusiastically at all their gigs, they’ve been described as ‘a mixture of Slaves crossed with The Beach Boys’, and writing ‘naughty and groovy’ songs.

This type of reception led them to record their first single ‘Magnetic’ which is to be released on 22nd May. The song was one of the first written by the band and has been a favourite at gigs. The song features the band’s signature fuzz-filled funk-orientated riffs and fierce vocals, combined with catchy hooks and swagger-filled guitar lines that creates an electric, captivating atmosphere that has crowds coming back for more.

Marigolds in action
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