Julia Shapiro releases new single ‘Come With Me’.

Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Childbirth and Who Is She? will release her new solo LP Zorked on October 15th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Today the first single & video from the album “Come With Me” is online. If you like a bit of swirly whirly trip, a genre I’ve just made up, then you’re gonna like this. The video is cool too. Looking forward to hearing more of ‘Zorked’. It’s on the shopping list! See what you think…

Speaking about the video, director Ertugrul Yaka  said “Julia found me on one of the freelancer sites. It came as a surprise to me because I’ve been listening to Chastity Belt since 2016. So I know her from the Chastity Belt. It was a great experience for me. The video is about the war between good trips and bad trips. When you’re looking for joy, two kinds of feelings are always chasing you at the end. When you reach joy, a piece from your inside breaks off; I mean, it’s giving you something and taking another thing from your inside. I made this video based on my own experience.” 

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