Katherine Aly…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Katherine Aly / Heir of the Cursed / Khalid Al Khajah LIVE - The ...

Hi Katherine, welcome to the Clunk universe.

 You’re a singer and a songwriter…..what was the first song that you wrote and what was it about?

To be honest, I don’t remember what my first song was! I’ve been

writing ever since I can remember myself and it’s always an attempt for me to understand situations that puzzle me; that could be on a social, political or personal level.

Was there a particular song/artist that made you want to start singing and writing? Did the people around you play music when you were young?

My mother was a singer but not a songwriter. There was always music playing in our house but I really got into writing music when I joined my first band with my best friend at the age of 16. There wasn’t one particular song or artist that got me into it; it was my calling since I was a kid!

 ‘Misty Me’ was released recently. It’s a song that seemed to capture a moment, lovers parting? Is Clunk interpreting it as you wrote it? What inspired the song?

That’s correct. I wrote from my own perspective and personal experience however, I don’t see Misty Me as a love song exclusively; separation can be very hard for any type of human relationships and it’s up the listener to find their own connection to my music

Are there any plans for after lockdown? A tour? Further releases? A holiday in the sun?

All of that! There will be more music released soon and we’re trying to book shows for later this year. Stay tuned through my socials!

Have you found the lockdown has been a creative time for you or is it difficult to find inspiration? Or are you spending time watching box sets and baking?

I’ve hardly had any free time to be honest. There’s so much more than being creative that musicians have to do nowadays and that doesn’t change even during a lockdown! I’ve been working on new songs too of course and hopefully I’ll be able to return to the studio soon to finish them.

I believe that you are based in Edinburgh…. where you would take us for a good day/night out in Edinburgh, when we can get about again.

If I had to choose one place that would be Summerhall. I love the multi-art character of this venue. We could catch a show, see some exhibitions, have food and then go to a gig! They have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to save the venue from the devastating financial repercussions of the lockdown and I’d like to encourage people reading this to help if they can please.

Here at Clunk HQ in the last week we have been listening to Big Thief, Porridge Radio, Beak, The Heartwood Institute and Squid to name a few. What about yourself?

I love Vic Galloway’s show on BBC Radio Scotland and Jim Gellatly’s show on Amazing Radio. I’ve been melting my ears on Spotify too… Spotify is a platform that can have a big impact on artists’ career and that’s why I always support musicians there and encourage people to support me by saving my tracks and following me!

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk, Katherine. Looking forward to seeing you in the not-too-distant future.

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