Porridge Radio at The Cluny

 The stage was decked out in orange curtains with the now familiar PR snakes slithering upwards. Dana Gavanski unfortunately is unwell and so had to pull out. Hopefully a quick recovery for her. At the last minute a band from Hartlepool stood in. They ‘re called Mt. Misery and they played a set made up mostly of their album ‘Once Home, No Longer’.

Porridge Radio kicked off their tour. Dana was in fine voice, the songs building into an intensity that’s magnified by her live vocal performance, her sometimes fierce guitar work and her foot stomping grooves. It’s not all about Dana, all the band are engaging. Georgie clearly enjoys herself, dancing around behind her keyboard. Maddie grooves along with her bass and drummer Sam made the whole thing rock. There was banter and smiles in between songs. The Cluny crowd was deathly quiet, a refreshing change from the usual background natter that has been part of any gig for a while now. ‘It’s really quiet, like somewhere sacred’ noted Dana. Ten songs were played in all. I didn’t count them I just got Dana’s set list, written on the back of a cider pack. It’s the first time seeing Porridge Radio, can’t wait to see them again.

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