Thrillhouse new release ‘Just At The Right Time’

Perhaps if those running 6music weren’t so keen on playing Golden Oldies all the time there might be more exposure for bands such as Thrillhouse and others looking for a break. Anyway, we do our best here at Clunk to bring you something that you may not hear on your tranny too often. I can’t remember how many Thrillhouse releases that we have covered in the last couple of years but it’s half a dozen or so and it’s a strong set. So why don’t you check out Thrillhouse, if you like what you hear then pass it on. Here’s the latest for you to lend your ears to then read a bit below. It’s out now!

Thrillhouse return with their latest single Just At The Right Time. A little love letter to anyone that comes along and helps you out in a time of need.

“I wanted to say thanks to someone who’s done a lot for me. I’m no good with words in real life so I just wrote a song about them… I should probably send it to them at some point” says singer Sam Strawberry.

One of Indies largely undiscovered gems, Thrillhouse are steadily carving a unique space in the indie scene.

“Thrillhouse create a spellbinding, ambient sound on their second single Lesser, a lyrical gem burning with palpable tension” – Atwood magazine

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