Allow Supplement Pills to take you on a journey.

Here’s something we would like to share with you. It’s a record of psych-rock that creeps under your skin. It’s called ‘Volume 1’ by Supplemental Pills. It’s seven pieces kicks off with the droning and hefty ‘Run On’. It’s a big sounding start. That hefty sound continues for ‘Freedom March’ and ‘Feel it’. There’s a bit of a change for track 4 ‘Floating Mountains Over Rivers’. Yes, it’s still out of the same mould but it’s mantra quality will set you adrift. ‘The Wizard Was Right’ continues our journey in a prog rock manner. It would, obviously, with Wizard in the title! ‘Gonna Be Alright’ is a sprawling 11 minute drone with now familiar layering guitars and vocals. ‘Mary Marakesh’ brings a gentle finish to this record. Why not take the journey? Here’s what the band have to say about theirs.

“The album is a collection of songs we built out of nothing,” says Ezra. “We are like-minded friends that got together at my studio and jammed on some musical ideas, in a very collaborative effort, with no plans to release anything or to become an active band.”

After completing the record and really digging their newly-crafted sound, the group decided to name themselves Supplemental Pills and pursue playing out as a live band.

“Each lyric paints a beautiful picture and has its own rhythm; each song has its own highlight and reveals itself with repeated listens,” adds Meredith.

When asked how he feels the album fits in to the musical landscape of today, Meredith is quick to quip, “It doesn’t.”

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