Drug Couple release new album and to celebrate there’s a DeClunk Q & A.

The Drug Couple, Miles and Becca, album Stoned weekend is here! Read the Q & A , have a listen to the track ‘Our December’ then read some blurb and stick it on your shopping list!

Please give us a description of your surroundings so we can all sit snugly together.

At this very moment Miles is sleeping and Becca is drinking coffee. It’s sunny and chilly outside, and cozy inside. 

Could you introduce each other to us please.

We’re Drug Couple! 

The DeClunk army of researchers reckon that you folks left the city to make it in the countryside. Can you tell us your story please?

Becca: I am originally from Vermont, but the story of us leaving the city goes like this: we were going to stay with my folks for a long weekend on March 13th, 2020, to do some wedding planning. We drove up then and, for obvious reasons, just never left. For a long time, we’d been dreaming of “someday” putting a recording studio in the barn, and that someday just plopped in our laps sooner than we’d anticipated. Miles is an audio engineer, and he built a bunch of our gear, while we also trolled Reverb and anxiously awaited packages from FedEx & UPS until we had our studio up and running. It wasn’t something we’d planned on when it happened, we just completely fell in love with the country life.

Your album is out on the 18th of February, we are really looking forward to it,  titled Stoned Weekend. Are you finding different inspirations away from the city?

Absolutely. We do a lot of listening to the country radio station while driving around; and there are really beautiful nature sounds to soak up. It just made sense to us to make an album that sounded like where we were at when we made it. 

For those yet to hear you folks how would you describe your sound?

We wouldn’t…we’d tell them to just listen instead. 

What plans for 2022? A tour? A holiday in the sun?

Well we just had a holiday in the sun (our long-awaited honeymoon in Hawaii)—as for the rest of 2022, we’re working on our next album, and doing some early thinking/planning to hopefully build our own house in the next couple of years. 

Can you tell us about a day in the life of Luna? What does Luna like to do? Any hobbies? Love interests?

Luna has many love interests, namely: every single person that she meets. Miles is the love of her life, but she had a dalliance with Greg, our drummer, that won’t soon be forgotten. 

A day in her life generally includes her main hobbies: running in the woods, sleeping, and being worshipped. 

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

If you came to our neck of the woods we’d literally take you into the woods. We have some pretty magical trails back there. We’d probably also take you to Mirror Lake, where we have a nearby cabin, and teach you to kayak. 

Are there any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

We are huge fans of our good friends Moon Kissed.

Many thanks folks for taking the time with DeClunk. Looking forward to getting our mitts on your album!

Drug Couple’s ‘Stoned Weekend’ draws influence from The Lemonheads, Yo La Tengo, Uncle Tupelo, Dinosaur Jr, and Neil Young. Featuring the couple themselves, Miles on vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, and keys; Becca on vocals, bass, guitar, and harmonica; it’s a release that also finds room to introduce Pastor Greg Faison, who plays drums throughout. Elsewhere, Danny Meyer and Travis Rosenberg each play on two tracks: Danny on saxophone and piano, and Travis on pedal steel.

Produced in the capable hands of Miles Robinson himself, the LP showcases the understated talents of the band as much as it showcases their (perhaps commercially misguided) desire to make the kind of independent music they want to make. A world away from the bedroom-produced Billie Eilish-inspired sad-girl “pop but not” entries of today; it’s a collection of barn-produced blasts from a couple who get a kick out of alternative music, almost as much as they do each other’s company.

Like that holiday for the head you never knew you needed, lose yourself in a dream-like haze of hash, love and languid sounds when Drug Couple’s ‘Stoned Weekend

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