JD Pinkus ….ace new single ‘Woke Up Dead’ and album news.

JD Pinkus releases a new single today (30th July) and we think it’s ace at Clunk HQ. There’s a new album on the way entitled ‘Fungus Shui’, it’s out on the 21st of August on Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. On top of all this there,s a great Back and Forth Interview.

Quote from JD “Woke Up Dead” :”Sometimes your lucky if all ya wake up with is the blues…. I wrote this one about that time I woke up dead.’
‘Maxwell Sabastian captured that thing that goes on forever, that thing there are no words for… His interpretation is a beautiful celebration of this thing. I’m so very grateful for him sharing his mind and talents!’Blue Skies and Sunshine

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