Nick Flessa….. ‘Ditch The Dirtbag’ video released today.

Nick Flessa, an experimental artist based in LA, releases the video for ‘Ditch The Dirtbag’. Directed by Michael Abitz, it’s a watch that will make you smile with a couple of ideas of what one can do with an oversized member! And there’s even Father Christmas. Take a look, enjoy then check out Nick Flessa. It’s a little bit ‘out there’ and we like it! The EP ‘Hey Partner’ is out now.

On the video, Flessa shares: “On the surface the song is a piece of advice addressed to a friend to break up with an unsavory partner, but it was also written as a response to observing creepy power dynamics in the art and music spaces where I’ve performed it. Michael’s video elevates it all to a surreal, free-associative reflection about male validation across a multiplicity of screens in a variety of settings. It was created during quarantine and I think speaks to the way a distorted, abstract, mediated version of our lives played out on social media and over phone screens while ‘reality’ became something more elusive. It also speaks to the absurdity of petty competition as played out in digital spaces. This is my fifth music video with Abitz, and the second animated video we have done together.”

Earlier this year, Flessa released Hey Partner, a country-disco romp for drum machine and voice, featuring Casio Sax arrangements by Oozelles’ Greg Marino. Hey Partner covers a range of topics stemming from Flessa’s experiences as a young artist during the late 2010s in Los Angeles. Equal parts sincere and humorous, this selection of lounge-adjacent music draws inspiration from the likes of Arthur Russell, Alex Cameron and Blue Jazz TV. Flessa’s unique approach brings a wonderful and disarming spaghetti western twist to his world of twangy glam and lofi boogie. His last music video for “The Investors” (a diabolical anti-capitalist fantasy animated and directed by Campbell Logan AKA Rasterbahn) received glowing praise form Indie88Northern Transmissions, and Glide

Hey Partner is a flagship release on the new artist-run label Different Pep, founded by Taggie Coppins (Beetsblog) and Siena Riley. Proceeds from the release were donated to Look at Us Zine’s emergency relief fund for queer and trans black artists and musicians in LA, with Flessa and the label donating 1$ per stream for the first 24 hours of the release.

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