bigfatbig….A Declunk Back and Forth Interview.

Recently we have covered the new single, ‘Let’s Get Married’, by bigfatbig. Now get to know them a little…..

Hello bigFATbig………welcome to the Declunk universe.

Please introduce yourselves, who does what musically? Who has the crappiest diet? Who drinks everyone under the table?

Hi! bigfatbig is made up of Katie (who is writing this lol) on guitar, and Robyn on vox and synth. We play with a band (bass + drums) live. We both love beige food so if that counts as crappy we’re as bad as each other. We’re also both sober! We stopped drinking for different reasons – Robyn was sick of the hangovers and all the other bad stuff that comes with drinking, and I have a heart condition that’s set off by alcohol. People are always quite shocked that we’re sober, I think because we’re always in pubs/venues and seem to be having a good time, people associate that with drinking. Neither of us miss it or plan on drinking again!

I like the name. Is it written bigFATbig all the time? How did such a name come about? Were there others in the hat?

bigfatbig, all one word, all lowercase, is how we write it, but we see all sorts of variations of it which is fine, too. The name actually came from some of our friends – we couldn’t stop using the phrase ‘big fat’ infront of everything we were saying. “Do you want a big fat drink?” “Can’t wait to go to big fat bed!” We said it to the point that it lost all meaning. We knew we wanted big fat to be part of the name, it just took a while to find the whole thing. bigfatbig felt simple but fun, and when you search it online nothing else comes up but us, which is great. We were the only ones stupid enough to call ourselves that.

Where are you folks based and is there somewhere in the world where you would rather be? For example..we are based in Cumbria but almost daily I would rather be by a pool in warm sunshine, drinking cocktails.

We’re both from small villages near Sunderland, but we’re currently living just outside of Newcastle. Although the weather is pretty sad where we are too, we both absolutely love living here. We just love the north in general, it’s mint living so close to the sea and a big city, and the music scene has become a real community space for us, so I couldn’t see us leaving anytime soon. 

What music did you grow up listening to? Did family or friends have an early influence on introducing you to music?

My dad has a pretty wicked taste in music, and although we don’t listen to much of the same stuff now, he definitely influenced my need to find new music, and to listen to as much as I literally can. We had family in Devon so we’d drive down there in my dad’s van, which he’d burn CD’s for with a mix of all sorts of stuff on, old and new. We listened to The Who and Led Zeppelin, Dido and Feeder, and just about everything else in between. None of my family were musicians, but those experiences definitely had a huge influence on me. 

How would you describe your sound? Make up a genre if you need to cos it seems that one can’t have enough genres in music.

Slacker pop-punk. Chaotic, unapologetic, 90s/early 00s-inspired guitar music. A heavy blend of Kate Nash, The Subways, and The Front Bottoms. 

The new release is called ‘Let’s Get Married’. What brought that on? Is it a message for someone special? 

The basis of the song is essentially about when you want to spend every second of the day with someone, so much so that you’re willing to ignore some red flags that you probably shouldn’t. It’s a bit of an exploration into unhealthy dependencies in relationships – neither of us are in positions like this so it’s for sure more of a story-telling commentary on narratives we’ve witnessed people we know going through. It was also inspired by seeing a lot of people we know suddenly going up, getting married and starting families, and the disparity in where we are in our lives. It’s really weird how we always feel compelled to compare our situations to other people’s, even if we don’t necessarily want the same things.

What plans do you have for 2022? Tour? Album? Holiday in the sun? Are you heading for Carlisle? There’s dinner at Declunk HQ in it!

We would love more than anything to tour with other artists in 2022, hopefully with a stop in Carlisle haha! We’re also hoping to release a larger body of work next year. We’ve only ever released songs as stand-alone singles, but we’d love to work on something more cohesive and challenging. I think this year is going to be full of firsts for us. 

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

I’ve been living in North Shields for the past year and the fish quay is definitely the place to be. There’s class food (special mention to Lobo Rojo for the best mexican scran this side of the water), unreal views of the tyne, and a lush little venue called The Engine Rooms, which is showcasing a range of some of the unbelievable talent we’ve got up here in a really intimate setting. However, a weekend up north is never fulfilled without a trip to sunny Sunlin’ – a walk down Roker seafront, a coffee in Pop Recs, and a dance in Independent, Sunderland truly has it all. 

Any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

Wild Spelks if you like pop-punk that makes you feel something, Kay Greyson if you like the coolest rap/hip-hop possible, and Swine Tax if you like chaotic punk.

Anything else that you want to tell us?

Our socials are @bigfatbig_ on twitter and tiktok and @bigfatbig everywhere else, we’re pretty loud online so the more the merrier!

Thanks for taking the time with Declunk. We hope to see you out there sometime soon.

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