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5 Ways New Hobbies and Skills Can Transform Your Life During COVID-19 Isolation

Photo by Rawpixels pandemic has upended so many aspects of normal life. From social distancing to avoiding restaurants and busy stores, the isolation of being in your home can really get to you. All of this unexpected free time, however, can be spent learning a new hobby or skill. There is no better time to start your dream project than today with these tips shared by Clunk!

Learn a craft.

So many traditional crafts were born from being trapped in the house during long winters. Needlecrafts, like crochet and embroidery, can help you keep your hands and mind occupied while relaxing and watching your favorite TV show. Painting is another easy option — even those small palettes for kids can produce a great watercolor painting. The tools for these crafts are very affordable and can keep your brain busy.

Learn to cook.

If we all had time to do one thing during the pandemic, it was eat. Many of us tried to support our local restaurants by ordering curbside takeout. How many new meals did you learn to prepare? From trying a new cuisine to baking bread to making nine types of meatballs so you can pick your favorite, there has never been a better time to learn to play with food.

If you have kids in your house, it can serve a double purpose: cooking often involves measurements and fractions, so let them help and make them work on their numbers all at the same time. Not sure where to find new recipes? Check out your library’s cookbook selection, or try a recipe website like Yummly to find something new that works with your diet and interests.

Learn a language.

Learning a language takes time, and that’s the one thing we all have more of when we’re self-isolating. There are tons of platforms that can help you learn a language, from courses through your public library to the app Duolingo, which offers over 30 languages to choose from. Learning languages helps build connections in your brain and keeps you busy and active.

Learn an instrument.

Many adults fear that if we didn’t learn an instrument in school or take lessons as kids, it’s too late to make music. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Like learning languages, kids may have an advantage, but they don’t have a monopoly on making music.

There are so many great instruments to choose from, such as classics like pianos and guitars, less-common mandolins and banjos, and kid-friendly instruments like ukuleles. When you choose an instrument, consider your tastes and personality — folk instruments are rarely used in rock tunes, for example.

Start a new career.

If you begin developing a new skill, you may find that it can turn into a passion. The best careers are built out of doing what we love, so know that you could turn your new hobby into income while developing your talent. If, for example, you spend your time learning a new language, you could eventually become a tutor or teacher in that language. Or if you learn a new instrument, you can offer kids music lessons or offer music producers services.

No matter how your isolation has gone so far, remember that it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

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