DeClunk Exclusive: Boy Deluxe….. see the video for ‘All Out’ here now!

This is the latest track from LA experimental electro outfit Boy Deluxe. The EP Risen was released last November and this is the video for a track from that. It’s called ‘All Out’ and we love it here at DeClunk HQ. It might as well be the band that tell you all about it. This is what they have to say….

“‘All Out’ is a song about making a promise to yourself – to commit to who you really are. Part of that process is finding what you want, but also all the things you don’t want. In this video, we play with the idea of the different versions of ourselves we go through along the way.”

The RISEN EP is a group of songs about transition. Suddenly finding themselves in the midst of chaos and change, the band’s best way of coping with the world around them was by writing and creating. From the deep pain of personal loss to the daily stress of survival, Boy Deluxe transmutes a year and half of grief into their best work yet. From reflections on an ending relationship  (“All Out“), to commentary on the rampant greed in our society (“Silver Silver“), to a story of women going to NY to get branded and initiated into a secret cult (“Cult Status“), and an anthem on personal power (“Im the Blood“), RISEN encompasses the duo’s experience in these unprecedented times.

Speaking on the EP, Hope continued, “The songs on RISEN are a reflection of the grief, loss, and outrage felt during the pandemic, but they’re also songs about finding yourself, hope, and rebirth.”

Boy Deluxe has two new tracks on the horizon — “Goodbyes,” due May 25, and “Left Behind,” due June 27.

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