Zsüd drops a classic summer mood song.

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Fancy something cool and Summery? Well grab your cold beer or cocktail, pop it onto the poolside and slide in.  Zsüd have a new video release out there. Check it out.

I’ll leave Zsüd to tell you all about the song ‘Bonnie’

‘Bonnie’ is a lemonade song for a hot summer night – and that is all it intends to be. It is a soundtrack for sunsets, conversations with friends or some flirting with a random person you just met. The mood of the song is quite different from the previous Zsüd songs and the reason is very simple – I got bored in all the darkness, it was just enough for a while. I wanted to go to the other side for fun.

I think one of the things I missed the most is random human interaction. The other day I travelled by tram and there was a guy with a portable speaker, playing music quite loud. I was after a very long day and it annoyed me (even though I liked the music he was playing) so I asked him to turn it off. He replied in such a funny and honest way, we actually had a very fun conversation for one stop where he got off and left me with a smile on my face. These are the moments ‘Bonnie’ is about.

I made a lyrics video as well, which is the very first lyrics video I have ever created. As for visual representation of the song, there were not much focus on storytelling this time, rather than on a certain mood – that is what I intended to catch.

I am working on several songs right now, with different artists from different genres. I love these collaborations and can’t wait to share the results! Also I am very thankful for the National Cultural Fund because their support is a huge help for the project.

And here’s a bit about Zsüd

Producer, singer, songwriter. She loves experimenting with cinematic and electronic elements, wandering not too far from pop genres. She studied classical piano and music theory as a kid, after getting her Masters degree in engineering she returned back to music from the electronic angle. She studied music production and sound design, now is co-leader of imPro, Budapest School of Music and Technology. Her debut album is set for 12th of March, 2021.

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