Supergrass at Barrowland. Intrepid Clunk Jude braved the wind and rain.

Dave Clunk, innovator, curator, creator, dictator, maker and shaker of this fine website you’re reading right now sent a message to say that he was ill, too ill to go to the gig he had tickets for on the Friday, and that I could have them if I wanted. It was Supergrass. At the Glasgow Barrowlands. This excited me for two reasons. 1) It was Supergrass; A band that I had enjoyed a lot growing up, but who I’d never seen live. 2) The Barrowlands; Glasgow’s most iconic music venue (don’t @ me King Tut’s), which, again, I’d never seen.

After picking up the tickets from Dave Clunk, donning the Clunk™ branded blue jeans, Clunk™ branded gig t-shirt and Clunk™ branded leather jacket* the car was pointed towards Glasgow, the windscreen wipers were set to ‘Scottish Winter Storm’ and we were off.

Barrowlands first; the gigantic neon sign is iconic, and even in the pouring rain, and missing an ‘r’ promised all the fun of the fair inside the old fashioned dancehall with the tireless 60s glamour. The interior did not disappoint and I would urge anybody to seek out a gig in this most atmospheric of venues.

Supergrass, I have to admit, had got back together without my knowing. Gaz Coombes in particular has been putting out some solo albums of late that were very much to Dave Clunk’s taste and I hadn’t realised that the band had regrouped for the release of a ‘best of’ style compilation. Their set didn’t vary too far from what you would imagine a Supergrass ‘best of’ setlist would be. A self-knowing nod to this was the first number – ‘In It For The Money’. Whether or not this is true, the Glasgow crowd was loving song after song, from the rockier ‘Mansize Rooster’ and ‘Sun Meets the Sky’ to the poppy ‘Grace’ or more thoughtful ‘St Petersburg’. The several breaks in the set when the band left the stage and a short video played on the screen took some of the life out of the show, but these were soon forgotten when it was time for the crowd to sing along to the next hit. As the intro to the last song played, Gaz turned to his bandmates mouthing ‘look at this’ in reference to the entire Barrowlands already singing the chorus of ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’.

In it for the money? Maybe. It doesn’t really matter when you can put on gigs like this. Go and see Supergrass, and go to a gig at the Barrowlands. They’re both great.

*all Clunk™ apparel available from the merchandise stall in the foyer.

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