Freya Beer at The Bobiks

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Declunk has been following Freya Beer for some time. If you dig around or hit the Declunk search you will find an interview, release news and 10 albums that Freya recommends to discover/revisit. So,we’ve been waiting a long time to catch Freya Beer perform. It was worth the wait. The venue, The Bobiks, is an intimate venue on the first floor of the Punch Bowl Hotel, Newcastle. It’s our first visit there and we highly recommend it. We also suggest you get to see Freya, a glam goth look to go with the glam goth sound. The set consisted of her new album plus a brand new song, a little extra treat for us. Freya finished with a cover of Twentieth Century Boy, the old T.Rex classic that I remember buying back in 1973!

Here’s what Declunk Jude has to say…

Beer’s songs were strong, mainly taken from her debut, ‘Beast’. She delivered them in her haunting voice, backed with ethereal, reverb drenched guitars. The drums and bass drove the tunes along and together the combination magicked the set past at a pace. It felt it was over in a heartbeat, but time flies when you’re having fun!

Four DeClunkers out on a school night? It’s gotta be summat pretty good to get that sort of attendance over in Newcastle. But it was worth it, definitely worth it. See her when you can.

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