Divine Intervention; A cosy Sunday morning chat.

Divine Intervention…………smiley, happy people

It’s a wet Sunday morning driving into Carlisle to have a chat with Joe, Sam, Alex and Filipe of local band Divine Intervention. I get to town and pop into the pre-arranged meeting point, a coffee shop chain in The Lanes. I look in, the band aren’t there. This is a bonus because the place is packed and noisy. I walk straight out and await their arrival outside. They arrive, we shake hands and briefly discuss where to go, maybe a nice independent coffee shop is open. We walk around Carlisle for 15 minutes, they all seem to be shut or shutting. At least the rain has stopped. We find one, move on in, not too many people and quiet enough to have a chat at a sensible volume. We order our coffees, hot chocolates and cakes and settle. It’s soon clear that Joe and Sam do the talking. With much enthusiasm Joe gets straight in with news of a 2020 tour, kicking off in Carlisle at the Vinyl Café on the 19th of January, ‘Get yourselves down there!’. What of the rest of the tour? ‘Newcastle is confirmed, then we intend to get down to Sheffield and then fill in other towns’. I wonder how they are going to get about on this tour, three of them chirp in ‘Someone’s got a new estate car!’ Turns out that it’s Sam, now designated band driver. Sam makes it quite clear that none of the others will be getting behind the wheel. There is some sort of plan emerging, the tour dates will be on a Sunday so that everyone can get back for work on the Monday. It’s tough fitting in the band around life. ‘If the fans demand a Christmas gig then there will be one’ says Joe. We move on to the new single, a bit of a departure to the sound of Divine Intervention so far. Joe explains ‘ we wanted people to know that we can do other stuff plus I just wanted people to know that I can play the violin’. He chuckles that nervy chuckle ‘it’s about my girlfriend and the struggles fitting everything in, with work and the band. It’s a bit sad when I listen to it, it’s emotional’.  Usually the songs are put together with all the band putting something in. ‘I write most of the guitar parts’ says sam ‘Joe brings some lyrics to the band shed in my garden, we decide what works and then Alex very quickly gets the drums on it and Filipe adds a bass line. We work as a band’. Joe continues ‘We have changed a bit, with experience we are not so much keeping to our own parts as when we started’ Sam affirms this ‘yeah when I’m at work, sanding 25 planks of wood with my ear defenders on, I might think of a lyric and write it down’. Filipe suggests ‘I might write something in Portuguese’. They laugh and start bouncing around ideas such as a tour of Portugal.

They love to play their songs live and have fun doing it. Sam….‘We were doing this gig, playing an instrumental part of a song, we were about to move on to the next section. I look around and there’s no Joe. I look at Alex and Filipe and we have to keep the thing going until Joe gets back’. Joe continues the story of his disappearance ‘Yeah, I remember. We were playing on top of a truck and I decided I would jump off and make a mosh pit’. If you have seen Divine Intervention you will know that Joe likes to get in amongst the audience and he’s always keen to show off his Divine Intervention tattoo.

I ask them who is doing the artwork for the band? Sam..’we are really lucky because my girlfriend, Gemma, is a really talented artist, and she drew the cover of the album’ Joe is quick to jump in ‘you’ll be getting some brownie points there son!’ Sam laughs ‘ yeah, but we’ve got to thank her because she did it all for nothing, ya know’. Divine Intervention is a band full of enthusiasm. Joe, Sam, Alex and Filipe are clearly enjoying themselves. If you get the chance, go and see them. If you’re a fan, make some noise for that Christmas gig! The single ‘Smile’ is out now.

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