JULIA BHATT Releases Colorful, Indie-Pop “Karma”

Julia Bhatt has released new single ‘Karma’. It’s full of summer groove. This is what she has to say

“It’s about the feeling of being left behind or being just a background character and then finding a way to live life like you are the main character,”saysgenre-jumping Julia Bhatt about her new fresh and carefree indie-pop single “Karma” . “Karma” is the newest single off the Miami-based indie singer/songwriter’s debut album, it is what it is releasing independently on July 20, and though it is one of the oldest songs off the album, it’s one of the songs she’s the proudest of on this collection. “’Karma’ is one of the few songs that I absolutely love. I don’t usually think that for all my songs, but every part of it is completely solid in my eyes,” she adds. 
Written when she was 16, “Karma” was recorded at the same time as the original version of “Miami” (which is included on the album). “I wrote it pretty early on, so it’s really nice to see that it’s held up in my eyes. It has a lot of meaning to me. I don’t want to say much more than that, but I recorded it with some friends from high school, and for the resources we had, it was pretty good. Shoutout to Jacob, Ben, Ryan, and Leo.

You can catch a DeClunk Q & A with Julia here

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