Grave Goods…..get to know them a little.

Gorgeous people

Hello Grave Goods…..Welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Please describe your surroundings so that we may sit snugly with you.

Phil: I’m sitting surrounded by clutter, bits of a bed stacked in an L shape, various wires, outdoor clothes that I never seem to hang up cos I wear them everyday and a greasy but empty bowl of carrot soup. I sound like a right gremlin from all that.

Sarah: I’m sitting in the middle of the couch, just off a call with Phil and Lois where I had the pleasure of watching Phil eat their carrot soup with their matching carrot coloured hat. 

Lois: I’m on a beach in the Bahamas.  Close your eyes and join me, we can have a Pina Colada together.

Who does what in Grave Goods? You know, who play what instruments, makes the best tea, supplies the best snacks etc.?

P: I play bass and make awful jokes. Unfortunately Lois and Sarah haven’t fully availed of some Belfast hospitality yet but they both put on a great spread when we’re in Dublin or Manchester. I’ve a reputation for making a good cup of tea though…

S: I play drums and do other annoying bits like make to do lists and send emails that are way too long. Snacks and tea…depends on where we are I guess! If the guys are in Dublin I make us a packed lunch so we can utilise the small amount of time that we have for practice! Lois has made some unreal sushi snacks for us in the past and is responsible for my crisp addiction. 

L: I play guitar and speak loudly and often.  I have no other discernible skills.  Although I have made a few videos for the band too.

DeClunk’s intrepid Research Team have discovered that you folks are from different cities. How did you get together? How often do you manage to meet up?

S: Lois and I played a gig together in San Diego a few years back with our other bands and while we were hanging out we mentioned in passing that we’d like to get together at some point to play some music for fun. A few months later, Lois came to Dublin and we spent a day in my practice room where we got a handful of songs together which we ended up playing at a house gig that night, so much fun! We got together for some practices on and off. A few years later Phil and I were on tour together (I was filling in on drums in their band at the time) and we were talking about maybe working on a new project, then I played them some of the Grave Goods stuff and they were sold! Pre pandemic we got together as needed – for a gig, photoshoot or recording so it could be every few weeks or months. We’ve not been in the same room since February 2020 though so looking forward to getting together very soon! 

How did the name Grave Goods come about? Is there one of you with an archaeological interest?

S: We had a few names that we were throwing about, one of which was Grave Goods. I was on holidays in Florence or maybe it was Lisbon?…somewhere nice!… I went on a guided tour and the tour guide mentioned “Grave Goods” and it just kind of stuck in my head. We’ve been called “Good Graves” and “Gravy Goods”…not sure which one I prefer most.

L: We did think of using the name ‘Myra’ as we liked the girls name but everyone just thought of the famous Myra as soon as they heard it and that wasn’t the vibe so we ditched it. 

Here at DeClunk HQ we love ‘Phonetic Fetish’ and ‘Juice’. Will there be a Grave Goods album and some shows? Maybe a gig in Cumbria? Dinner at DeClunk HQ as an incentive that you surely cannot refuse.

P: Well, we’d not normally be able to divulge all such information…and this time will be no different. Euphemistically speaking, 2022 might just be the biggest year for us yet. Sharpen your eye peeler.

L: Our next show is on 1st April in Dublin, playing with Bitch Falcon at their last ever show.

S: All roads lead to Cumbria!

If we were to hang out with Grave Goods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

P: Maybe a spa break in rural Ireland… Sea air, mountain walks, massages, treatments and a hot tub with some fizz to round off the day. Maybe we’d come across a good grave or two on the walk, you never know.

S: Hey Phil…can you organise this asap please?

L: Maybe we could start the Friday night at The White Hotel in Salford, or Future Yard in Birkenhead?  then to the detox in the Irish countryside? Get real messy then get real clean.

Any bands that you recommend we give a listen to?

P: I’m pretty myopic these days when it comes to bands and tend to mostly listen to ones from Ireland, but there’s so many gooduns I don’t really need to look further. M(h)aol, Junk Drawer, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra, Melts, Problem Patterns, Silverbacks, School Tour, Patty & Selma  to name but a few.

S: I haven’t listened to music in a while except for pieces that I’ve been learning. I’ve been on a podcast/ audiobook buzz recently and I’m obsessed with my current audiobook “Period Power” by Maisie Hill which I think everyone should make themselves familiar with!

L: Total mix of styles but I’ve been listening to Gilla Band, Dry Cleaning, Snapped Ankles, Aya, Tokky Horror, Kyogen, See Thru Hands, Bayern Youth, Giant Swan, Arch Femmesis, Loose Articles, Phoebe Green and No Home.

Many thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We look forward to catching you folks in action.

Thank YOU!

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