Jehhny Beth….To Love Is To Live. A few words.

Review: Savages Frontwoman Jehnny Beth's Solo LP 'To Love Is to ...

It’s Monday morning here at Clunk HQ. Another day without Jehnny Beth’s new album. I pre-ordered it yonks ago and it was released on Friday. I have been really looking forward to this record. So, what can I do in desperation? Have a bit of a listen on Spotify. I can tell you that it is full of great sounds.  There is a mixture from the gentle piano of French Countryside to the industrial I’m the Man. Cillian Murphy lends his dulcet tones to the intro of the track, a great idea to get his voice on it. I’m the Man is also a great groove for some crazed shape throwing, try it. Joe Talbot of Idles is featured on How Could You. Throughout, of course, is the dynamic delivery of Jehnny Beth’s voice. Sure, it seems a record written of self-analysis but it isn’t self-indulgent. Give a few songs a listen and maybe we will get to know Jehnny Beth a little. I guess I will find out a little more when it lands on my doorstep and I can get it on the turntable. Can’t wait, I think it might be a masterpiece! Listen, Like, Purchase!

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