Perrin…..’High On Glitter’ new 6-track out there now.

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Here’s some sunny ectro funk pop sounds that you can bop away to all summer with friends, in your kitchen, in your garden, on the beach, in your shorts, in your mankini, in your bikini, in your speedos, barefoot, sandals, pumps. Your choice.

Soma Palotai aka Perrin is one of the most distinct voices coming out of the constantly changing amalgamation of styles that is current day Budapest. His debut LP, High On Glitter, mirrors the exciting mix of cultures and sounds of his hometown. The LP follows closely in the footsteps of the three previously singles, which garnered press mentions and radio airplay in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the UK, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, as well as his native Hungary, and led to working with the likes of Casio and hip outdoors brand Ykra.

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