Glüme release debut album on the 30th of April. Here’s a taster..

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Glüme is new to us here at Clunk HQ. So what do we know? There is a debut album due on the 30th of April, it’s called ‘The Internet’. We have had a listen. It’s an interesting mixture of thoughtful electronic pop music. Self-described as the ‘Walmart Marilyn Monroe’, Glüme brings a DIY Hollywood glamour to her music.We like it and there’s going to be a lot of people out there to follow the development of Glüme. So, have a listen, get into Glüme and pass the word around. Below is the video for the single ‘What Is A Feeling’ and some further info.

Glüme was born & raised in the City of Angels. Getting her first taste of the silver screen as a child actress, she juggled time between training her voice, exploring music & wrestling with her health. Her various autoimmune issues eventually evolved into a heart disease called Prinzmetal. She doesn’t feel her body & soul are quite compatible with this world…but she loves visiting & writing about the people here. Her music collides at the crossroads where tomorrow has forgotten yesterday. Imagine a seance with Norma Jean starring as Marilyn Monroe hosted by Julee Cruise. It’s black lodge music for the blue youth of the internet age. Glüme is a shimmering new star in the Italians Do It Better galaxy. Glüme’s debut album ‘The Internet‘ is due April 30th via Italians Do It Better

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