System Exclusive Share “Game of the Fool” Single + video

System Exclusive is new to the DeClunk HQ. We think this is great, maybe you will too. It’s not just little old us, the System Exclusive bio below is written by Henry Rollins.Get on it!

Today, brand new Castle Face signees System Exclusive share “Game of the Fool,” the second off their forthcoming debut self-titled album, due March 4, 2022 via Castle Face Records.

Speaking on the single and its accompanying music video, Ari Blaisdell wrote:

“Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album despite it being about the cycle of abuse, and how hard it is to watch when someone you love has fallen into that cycle. A pretty sad song lyrically but with a dancy fun overtone, because life is like that; multiple  opposing things at once.  During lockdown I was eager to make a video for this song but we couldn’t go anywhere so I thought about ways I could integrate public domain footage into it. I’ve always been fascinated by the atomic era and atomic bomb propaganda footage just fit the current  mood so well. It’s compiled of footage from ‘Survival Under Atomic Attack,’ ‘A is for Atom,’ ‘Atomic Alert,’ ‘Duck and Cover,’ and of course footage from our last show at Permanent Records Roadhouse, one of our favorite venues in LA. Filmed by our pal Enrique Pena Pedilla after we were finally allowed to play live again.”

System Exclusive Bio:

“Often when music is constructed with synths and other electronically generated sound makers, their level of exactitude and control is such that the vocalist will either wittingly or otherwise seek to emulate the relative artifice of the soundscape. This is often done to great effect, think Kraftwerk. But what if there was a unit whose music was synth-generated but the vocals were coming from  a hot-blooded, singing-for-the-cheap-seats approach? If done well, it’s a case of two great tastes that taste great together, which brings me to System Exclusive. 

Their multi genre/time period collision is like a car accident where all parties walk away not only unscathed but sure they had a great time, like two different recording sessions sharing the same space and making it work. Vocalist Ari Blaisdell (previously of Lower Self, The Beat Offs) co-exists excellently amidst the driving beats and synth waves and her guitar further helps to jailbreak the tunes from the often sterile entrapments that synths provide. Matt Jones (previously of Male Gaze, Blasted Canyons, and continuing Castle Face behind-the-scenesman)’s smart use of live drums bring great juxtaposition against the machines. Ari’s irony-free sincere delivery is the perfect closer on this very cool record, recorded ably by Enrique Tena Padilla (Osees, Wand, Beach House) in their backyard studio mid-pandemic and adorned with original artwork by Miles Wintner (L.A. Takedown, Mr. Elevator, Devon Williams). If you don’t get this slab of goodness, well, that act of non-compliance will confirm you as the pain-in-the-ass that many have described you to be in great detail during Zoom chats. How dare they! Prove them wrong! Reduce their snark to mere pseudo-intellectual piffle! Your lifeline arrives in March. Grab it.”

– Henry Rollins

System Exclusive – TRACKLISTING

01. We Follow
02. Close Encounters
03. In An Instant
04. Game of the Fool
05. Magdalena
06. Inline Online
07. Carole Anne
08. Stay With Me
09. Not Too Late
10. :59
11. Maybe It’s Better
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