Future Cavemen release new EP

Following on from the first EP ‘I’ your not getting a prize for guessing the name of the new EP. Yep, you got it, it’s called ‘II’. Read some blurb then get onto the track ‘Poison Flower’ below. You’re gonna like it!

Swiftly following 2021’s acclaimed first outing ‘I’, the aptly titled ‘II’ finds the singer-songwriter and producer growing in stature and exploring new sonic territory. Largely written in London when the singer suddenly found himself out of his musical day-job and in search of a new creative identity, Future Cavemen remembers: 

“I had just left the garage rock band I was in and was transitioning to computer recording software. I was starting to experiment with some electronic sounds, trying (unsuccessfully) to veer away from rock.”

Thrashing out a new sound and identity over the course of the 8 years that followed, the music that would come to belong to the Future Cavemen name would see Tennant blurring an eclectic array of influences and sounds from across the decades; repurposing them into something mutant, beguiling and original. Taking inspiration from the catalogues of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to the Dandy Warhols, QOTSA to Dick Dale, while pushing himself to explore sounds and tech far beyond his comfort zone; the fruits of his toils are no-more vividly realised than in his latest collection.

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