The fabulous Sprints…A DeClunk Q and A.

Hello Sprints……welcome to the DeClunk Universe

Please introduce the band and tell us who does what, you
know….writes lyrics, plays which instruments, makes the
best curry and so on.

Hello DeClunk! This is Sam from Sprints, I play bass.
Jack is our pots and pans, Colm is our lead shredder and
Karla is our poet, vocalist and rhythm guitar.
I don’t know who makes the best curry, but lately I’ve been
making some tasty Ziti’s, oh and Colm made us the best
Lamb Tagine I’ve ever had the other night

Please tell us where you are based and give us a description
of your surroundings so that we can be with you during the
Q and A.

We are all based in Dublin, some north some south. In
Dublin we have the luxury of the city and all that it has to
offer, but we also live right by the sea, so when the weather
is good, it’s a great place to be.

How did the name Sprints come about? Which one of you is
quickest A) over 100 Metres
B) To the bar?

How the name came about I can’t totally remember, I think
it was a case of us spitting out names until one sounded
right. I don’t know who came up with the one Sprints, it
wasn’t me, but I remember we all felt good about it right
away. I wish I had a list of all the names we tried before,
might be funny to look back on

We love ‘little Fix’ at DeClunk HQ. Can you tell us a little
about the songs on the EP ‘A Modern Job’, due for a vinyl
release in March.

Thank you so much! That’s really nice to hear and we
appreciate it a lot. The songs have been alive for quite some,
early pandemic I would say, to us they sort of feel like old
songs at this point, and yet they’re only being released. I
think they are a just a natural progression from the first EP.
There are new things in there but it still feels from the same
era of songs. They all got written in different ways. How
Does The Story Go was written through us all by jamming
that riff which Karla came in with. Modern Job started out as
a demo that Karla sent over to me, some others too. We
write songs in many different ways which is cool, it could be
a case of someone getting a new pedal and just really
wanting to play with it and then next thing you know, you’ve
got a song. I think one of the main things for us to is that we
need to really enjoy playing it, when we first write songs, I
think we are all wondering how’s this going to work live.

You folks are touring during Feb and March. Any other plans
for 2022? More dates? More music? A holiday in the sun?

We all work full time jobs so there ain’t no time for a holiday
in the sun! Maybe if we get a festival slot in a sunny country
that can be our trip away. But music wise we’re just trying to
write as many songs as possible now, we want our first
album to be the best so we won’t be aiming for any less. The
new songs I think are again taking us further down the
rabbit hole, but still feels like a natural progression from our
stuff before, I think the word is “maturing”.

I’ve had a look at your merchandise page. Nearly
everything’s sold out! Can we have a restock please!

I can barely get a t-shirt myself! But there will be a re stock
soon, don’t worry!

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend
where would you take us. You are the Entertainment

Oh boy, well a pub crawl at least. If you had the time I guess
you’d have to go around the country, places like Kerry, Cork,
Galway there’s so much to see and experience.

Any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?
There’s too many bands right now to keep up, right now I
am loving English Teacher, The Magazine Club, Banrion, Pom
Poko, Anais Mitchell oh and the new Black Country New
Road album is a masterpiece.
Thanks for the Q and A with DeClunk. We hope to catch you
doing your thing somewhere this year.

We will see you in the crowd I’m sure! Thank you.

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