Penelope Trappes album ‘Penelope Three’ is out now.

Have a listen to the 2 tracks below, singles from the latest album release by Penelope Trappes. We think it’s worth checking out, it’s called Penelope Three, and if you are new to Penelope then look back at the previous 2 albums ‘Penelope one and Penelope Two.

Illustrated with evocative film elements for singles “Fur and Feather” and “Nervous” and “Blood Moon,” ‘Penelope Three’ is the third and final instalment of the Australian-born Brighton-based musician’s trilogy. She completes her ambitious and other-worldly triptych with an album of healing, on which she looks to release herself from fear and into love, evoked in Penelope’s signature ambient gothic dreamlands that are equal parts shoegaze pop and surrealist soundscapes.

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