Paul Roessler’s taster for forthcoming album

JUNE 3, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) — So many records I’ve made have an asterisk next to them,” explains LA songwriter, punk musician, and producer PAUL ROESSLER about being often seen with “guest appearance from” or “produced by” next to his name. Stepping out from behind the production boards and into the spotlight, the sought after producer is releasing the most inspired album of his career The Turning Of The Bright World on July 12, 2022 via Kitten Robot Records. In addition, Roessler has released “Maker,” the lead single and the first preview of The Turning of The Bright World. “Maker” can be streamed on DSPs now.

Having released a handful of records previously, Roessler distills decades of experience to produce his most realized and articulate expression to date. “TheArc was written when I was 16,” he adds, reflecting on his musical output. “6/12 was written, recorded, and put out in one month. The Drug Years was recorded in my garage at home on relatively primitive gear. By the time I was doing “Bright World,” I had been producing albums for a while in real studios. So this should sound how I want it to, not what it defaults to. At least in theory.”

On the heels of quadruple-double album epic The Drug YearsThe Turning Of The Bright World focuses on melancholia, reflections, and piano leads more so than on previous albums. “I’m always inspired to create something where I sense there is a void, where no one else is exploring that area,” explains Roessler about his impulse to record this album. “That becomes increasingly difficult with such an incredible amount of music being released every day, so it can’t be a rule or anything like that. I could say that I become inspired by the possibilities that the new technologies offer me, limitless sounds and capabilities. All of that factors in.”

The Turning Of The Bright World will be released on July 12 via Kitten Robot Records.

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