Lumberbob second single from forthcoming album.

The second single from the forthcoming album by Lumberbob is out now. It’s called ‘BEGANTOCRY’. It’s a bit whacky only equalled by the accompanying video. We like it, check it out. The forthcoming album, ‘LANGUAGE LEARNER’, is out on the 18th of Feb.

At times slippery like an energized Dada sound poet strapped to a bouncing electro-skank machine stuck in wannabe dub cumbia raga mode, all swathed in the psychedelic dark lord Kramer’s exquisite wall of wonder, LANGUAGE LEARNER is the eclectic electro-bounce art pop debut LP from scrappy, old sono-linguistic loop artist LUMBEROB, mixed by the dark psychedelic lord Kramer for the resurrected Shimmy-Disc record label

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