Beak>: Billy gives Clunk a Back and Forth Interview.

Billy, thanks so much for the chat with Clunk.

Please could you tell us Clunk people who does what in Beak> and how you all came together.

I (Billy) play bass, Geoff plays drums & Will plays Keyboards & guitar. Geoff & me sing also.

Me & Geoff started the band with Matt Williams. We met at the Invada Records Christmas party in 2008 and had a jam with the gear that was up on stage for another band. We enjoyed it so decided we’d try and make some music the following January. We kept to our promise and made our debut album in 12 straight days. The first song on the album, ‘Backwell’ is us playing together for the very first time after we set the gear up.

Is one, or more, of you a twitcher. I was just wondering why you folk chose the name?

Ha no! We’d finished the album and Geoff said, ‘we need a name’. I then said, ‘Beak’ for no reason other than it was the first thing that came out of my mouth and sounded kind of good.

The sleeve artwork for last years album >>> and the EP Life Goes On is cool. Who creates it and who are the 3 characters? looks like you lot.

Brean Down…..such a great single of last year. Where is it? Is it a special place? Could you describe it for Clunk please.

It’s Geoff telling me & Will off on the cover of >>>!

The Life Goes On cover was done by a guy called Susans Leg Policy. He drew his version of the album artwork over the top of the original and we liked it so much we used it. Check him out, he’s a hip hop fella who wears cereal boxes on his head!

Brean Down is an old ruined fort looking out over the Bristol Channel. It sticks out to the left of Weston Super Mare. Very nice place to take the dogs for walk.

We are coming to see Beak> next February in Manchester, a few months away……anything new coming out in that time? Maybe you’ve got that witty Christmas ditty under your hats to corner that holiday market! After all, Noddy Holder reckons Merry Xmas Everybody is his pension fund!

Ha yeah I’ve heard that! His April PRS payment keeps him going all year…fair play.

We’re working on new stuff all the time, who knows if it’ll be ready by February though!

Music on at Clunk HQ at the moment includes Bilge Pump, Squid, ILL, PINS, Bodega, Working Men’s Club, amongst all the other great music past and present. Any recent favourites that you would recommend?

I like that new Squid song, haven’t heard any more of them admittedly though, I must check more out.

Always like James Holden. His song, ‘Gone Feral’ influenced us to do our song ‘Allé Sauvage’.

We love Pigs x7, really nice people to boot too. I personally think the Sleaford Mods are fucking great. We also have Bristol band Hysterical Injury supporting us on our UK tour this coming November & December. They’re a two piece bass & drums, brother & sister band, they’re brilliant. Oh yes, and Snapped Ankles, they’re our friends & we love them.

Any chance Beak> coming to Carlisle? We have some decent small venues. As an added bonus…. dinner at Clunk HQ. Irresistable, right?

Carlisle sounds great, get us a gig! Thanks & see you soon x

Thanks for the Back and Forth with Clunk, Billy. See you folks in February

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