Sam of Thrillhouse shares his 10 Albums to Discover/Revisit

I know nothing of contemporary music. I sometimes try to pretend I do. When asked about a hip new band, I passionately nod and say ‘yea they’re great’. But I’m lying. I won’t have heard of the band and I will move the topic to something else as quick as I can. So with that said….There will be a lot more re-discovery than discovery in my top 10 albums to discover/rediscover. In actual fact it will be 100 percent re-discovery. Sorry for that but I’m glad we got that out it the way.


1. Abba….Gold – If I had to only listen to one album everyday for the rest of my life, and it was this…….I’d go completely insane. But it’s still really good.

2. AC/DC…Back in Black – Same as above

3. Tina Turner… Private Dancer – The greatest song ever written is Whats love got to do with it.

4. David Bowie…Young Americans – Obvs

5. Sufjan Stevens… Carrie and Lowell – Because I’m actually very sensitive and emotional.

6. Price…Purple Rain – Prob the best musician that’s ever lived. Name one better? Go on! Try?!?!….See.

6. Kenny Rogers…The Gambler – The greatest song ever written is Whats love got to do with it…but that’s got nothing to do with this. It’s just a good album. I sing the song The Gambler in the shower. It’s a good shower song. Other good shower songs are…You can’t hurry love, Son of a preacher man and We didn’t start the fire.

7. Diana Ross…Diana – It’s good.

8. R.E.M….Out of Time –

9. Billy Joe Shaver…I’m just an old chunk of coal (but i’ll be a diamond someday) – Makes me wanna buy a gun and shoot it blindly into the air because i’m happy about something.

10. The Beatles – The best of…. Classic joke for a new audience.

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