Seagoth….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

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Hello Seagoth….welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please tell us where you are based and a little about yourself.

I’m based mainly in Warrington and Liverpool, I’m 19 years old and I play music because it’s something I feel genuine passion for unlike anything else.

Seagoth is an interesting name. Why did you decide on it and how long have you been performing as Seagoth?

I’ve been performing as Seagoth since 2019, I had my first gig in April of that year at an Authentic Acoustic in Widnes. But I’ve been producing and writing music as seagoth since around 2016. The name came about when I was trying to come up with instagram handle basically, I became pretty attached to it over the years and decided I’d merge my instagram persona with my music and “Seagoth” was born.

Your latest release is ‘Dreamland’. We really like it here at Clunk HQ. It’s rather hypnotic. Could you tell us how it came about?

Thank you! So, I spent the first few months of quarantine distracting myself by playing the new animal crossing, I got around 600 hours in before I got deeply, inconsolably bored. 

Around this time restrictions were lifted and people could finally see friends, I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends and we ended up having a pretty profound and “coming of age” summer.

‘Dreamworld’ is about all of those moments.

I’ve been reading about rock star riders. From Marilyn Manson demanding Danone Yoghurt and Gummy Bears to Pharrell Williams and 26 others with him being entertained by belly dancers whilst getting through 20 crates of vodka, 15 magnums of champers and a further 20 crates of Bacardi! Of course, I don’t if this is true. Anyway, what would you have on your rider when you hit that level of madness?

I’m a Taurus, and we’re pretty notorious foodies, so I’d probably add ALL of the luxury items I adore but only have once in a blue moon or on special occasions. For example; a cheese platter, varied fruit, something salted caramel, and probably taco bell nachos. I’m pretty simple! 

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. Don’t forget to add Carlisle to your tour when we are allowed out to play again!

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