Monster Jaw…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Monster Jaw……welcome to the Clunk universe

Thanks – nice to be here, there or wherever you are… I guess we’re there and/or here with you? Ya dig?

Please tell us who does what in the band and where you are based.

We’re now based in Bradford, Leeds and Newcastle, but shall we just say ‘The North’… below ‘The Wall’.

Mik – Guitar, Synth, Lead Vox and Production

Neil – Bass, Guitar, Synth, Backing Vox

John – Drums and Percussion

This is the second coming of Monster Jaw. I have read that first time round it was ‘distaste for the music industry, Social Media and Press’ that made you want to pack it in. What did you find distasteful and why will it be any different now?

We could write 30,000 words on this topic, so in short, Covid-19 has changed our lives forever, it’s brought the best and the worst out in people, it’s given us all a lot of time to think and reassess our lives – it’s changed the way people do business. Let’s just say that now, there’s a more even playing field for unsigned underground music.

Back in 2015/16 we had our souls and moral destroyed by a hate campaign online, instigated by another band’s fans/following. We never had a chance to defend our corner and at the time we didn’t see the point getting involved in the arguements, lies and propaganda out there – that said – in the end it broke us, physically and mentally; and split us up. Ironically, over the years we’ve received apologies from the people who did that to us – reasons for their actions being mostly jealousy and prejudice. We just moved on, it was hard and we all experienced mental health problems afterwards, it stopped us all making music for a year or two.

One thing we’d like to make clear, is that it’s magazines, blogs, music press sites like yourselves that keep the industry alive and keep people talking about music, keep ‘scenes’ thriving, so, respect to yourselves for carrying the light.

How has your sound changed after the several years break? Will the old Monster Jaw fans be back? Or are they already onboard?

We’ve never been a band to ‘believe the hype’ – we just make music, we care about the tunes – we’re angry, hilarious, nonchalant, we believe in justice, promote equality, we mess with people’s brains in a fun and creative way. Some people really hated us the first time around and we all look back on this and think the same thing… they just didn’t get it?!?

We had a dedicated cult fan base… they would follow us anywhere and everywhere. They all once got together and had a ‘whip around’ and bought us a tour bus, which kept us on the road touring, that’s what they wanted from us, they gave with their hearts and feet – that was strange and cool – we felt loved and appreciated and in return we tried not to let them down.

Our sound has changed only in the way we have – our music has always been a mash-up of grunge/pop punk/indie/alternative rock – we’re definitely more experimental now – there’s certainly a more innovative and dynamic sound that’s emerging, mostly that’s down to the production.

The latest release is ‘Fury in You’. We rather like it here at Clunk HQ. Is it about somebody you know with the fury in them?

Thank you for the kind words.

Mik’s a published poet and a qualified counsellor, the lyrics came partly out of a poem he wrote around the time lockdown and the

BLM movement happened and also the words of one of his client’s from 3 years ago – the client citing ‘I have this fury inside me’ (don’t worry no breach of GDPR or Safeguarding).

So, the catalyst for this tune was the lyrics, the music came later. The overall theme… well, we want people to make their own judgement really, but take something from it that’s positive and give them some energy and belief – all we can say is that it’s meant in a positive way, it’s empathic, promotes unity, equality, diversity and that it’s OK to be furious and angry – it has powerful imagery… we wanted to create something that had a strong taste… we think we delivered.

With the new wave of enthusiasm that you now have there must be some plans afoot. New releases? Tour?

Touring is cool – we loved playing live, but until we find a solution for the pandemic, they’ll be no shows or tours for us.

We’ll definitely be releasing more music – we already have new songs in production. The only issue is that Mik is currently moving his studio after his landlord in his current unit put the rent up by 30% during lockdown (Yes, we thought the same… what a wanker, profiteering in a time of crisis!).

Next track will appear sometime in October… Hell… we may even call it ‘October’.

Any bands/artists that we should be checking out?

Yes, ‘ALLUSINLOVE’ from Wakefield, based in Leeds – they used to be called ‘ALLUSONDRUGS’, which is a better name, but sold out (lol) and changed their name for a more ‘user friendly’ appeal. They’re an ace band, cool guys, with cool tunes and tons of energy – see them live, check them out and buy their shit (at least twice). Mik has been a strong advocate for these guys since they formed – he believes they’ll be big. Check out their song ‘Sunset Yellow’.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Well… You’ve picked the right guys to party with…

12pm Friday – casual drinks, jam session, tour of the studio and disco

5pm Friday – curry and beers (Bradford is curry capital)

8pm Friday – hit the bars on North Parade and head into heritage village Saltaire for some serious session beers at the trendy micro brewery bars and cocktail dives

1am Saturday – back to the studio for Ouija Board action and introduction to our friend Mary Jane

5am Saturday – hotels and kip

1pm Saturday – breakfast at Cafe Candia a greasy Italian that combines breakfast and amazing Italian food, including Peroni

3pm Saturday – cultural trip around the Science and Media Museum, including trip to the local art gallery Cartwright Hall – snacks at Mik’s house (thinks he’s a chef) – TBF he’ll cook something that’s tasty as fcuk and you’ll put on a stone!

7pm Saturday – hit the local rock venue, watch/bitch a band, smoke some cigs, down some ‘donnie bombers’, think ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ meets ‘Lock Stock’ – have you ever been to Peru or met Timothy Leary?

2am Sunday – It’s Bradford, it’s Saturday, what should we do? Do it Bowie style and ‘Let’s Dance’ – raid the local nightclub that’s still open, there’s one that’s quite post apocalyptic with loads of ‘walkers’ and ‘twitcher’ – you’ll love it.

6am Sunday – Hotel (if you make it) and kip

12pm Sunday – hit the gym with Mik, try not to vomit – he’ll wreck you in the gym, so bring some spandex. Also, it’s your first time so you’ll be expected to spar and box… then you’ll probably vomit, but don’t worry the gym has bins

2pm Sunday – we have our last lunch together, somewhere romantic like GREGGS cafe and we’ll do hugs (and kisses)… and wave you off…

Until the next time 😉

Disclaimer: Monster Jaw tours are inclusive to all parties involved, we have an open equality, diversity and inclusion policy for anyone and everyone there’s just one rule… don’t be dick.

I’ve recently read that Kurt Cobain’s iconic grunge cardigan worn on Unplugged sold for over $300,000. A while back handwritten lyrics for A day In The Life by John Lennon went for over a $1,000, 000. If you had several shedloads of money what piece of music memorabilia would you splash out on?

Lol. Cobain’s cardigan probably cost $3 in a thrift store – whoever bought that have been seriously fleeced. The ‘real’ winner here is the Grandpa or Grandma in Seattle who wore that cardigan before Cobain and laughing their socks off in their grave, bless their souls.

Also, profiteering from anyone’s death is simply plain distasteful – profiteering from Cobain’s (an icon’s) death is distasteful, but that’s it for some fans, they want a piece of you… Ironically, that’s what Cobain disliked about society… capitalism, greed etc…

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. When you get back on the road don’t forget Carlisle! We hope to see Monster Jaw in action soon.

It’s been a while… is the Brickyard still open? We’ll come if you have a couch or dog bed spare for us to crash for the night 😉

Yep….Crash Central.

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