Chris Robson on Matchbox Classics and Nightjrrs.

I first came across Andy as a player in a band in Brampton. He was really good. So, when Matchbox Classics put on the evening at Club Victoria I asked him if he wanted to play. He was a bit apprehensive to start with but eventually agreed to do it. He played and I thought he was really good. His songs were a bit quirky. A few years later he said that he was wanting to release a single with a band he was in called Nightjrrs. They had recorded some stuff and wanted to put it out there. So, I asked whether we could do it on Matchbox Classics. I think Andy has a soft spot for Matchbox Classics which is really cool. Though I don’t know why! I think it may be the DIY, stand alone stuff, stampimg your own sleeves, building your own covers, I think he liked the idea of that. So, I was very pleased to work with him. With him and the other members of the band we got the whole thing together. It was supposed to come out some time ago but because of covid it didn’t. We sat on it for a good 18 months and we decide that the second Record Store Day we would get it out there and see how it floats. The feedback  we have had so far has been really good. It maybe is,nt the normal thing that Matchbox Classics would put out but I think that they’re a credit to the label, they’re original, they’re inventive and I love Andy dearly. I think he’s great.

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