The Mary Veils release ‘Bone Blossom Green’.

Photo Cred: Chris Sikich

The Mary Veils have announced the release of the debut album Esoteric Hex, due March 25 via PNKSLM Recordings. There’s a single out today, a big wall of garage rock sound called ‘Bone Blossom Green’. Give it a listen, it might be right up your street.

Speaking on the track, the band wrote:

“‘Bone Blossom Green’ was based off a riff we had floating around for awhile. Originally we thought it would just be that main riff, for the entirety of the song but it kind of took a different turn while writing. It was one of the more challenging ones for us to finish, but we think it really showcases us as a band, and in a way highlights how we’ve developed musical and what our sound has become.”

Front man Brian Von Uff says of the new music

“Philadelphia is a very unique place, and while it’s a major city, it’s kind of the forgotten cousin of New York. It’s the abandoned capital of the United States, but we like the abuse. This album is in many ways about Philadelphia, and how the people here are unique and have that fighting mentality. We all want to keep getting better, and we don’t ever quit.”

It’s the city’s storied tradition of mysticism and the occult, meanwhile, that accounts for much of the record’s imagery, as well as its evocative title. “Theosophy itself was born in Philadelphia,” says Von Uff. “The city resides on the 40th Parallel, the same as the old church of Philadelphia in ancient Turkey, that was mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Secret societies, mysticism, the occult – they’re all part of the city’s history, and we wanted to explore that.”

The fact that this lineup’s cascade of creativity was to be stemmed by the global events of the past couple of years means that The Mary Veils are now very much a coiled spring, both as a studio entity and as a live band. Esoteric Hex represents the laying down of a marker, after which there’ll be plenty more to come; not just from the Veils, as Von Uff is quick to point out, but from the city they call home, too. “Before the pandemic, when we wrote these songs, there was a very alive music ecosystem here, and I was nervously awaiting where it would pick up. Two years later, it’s stronger than ever. I know I’m biased, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Philly has some of the best bands in the world right now. This album came from the excitement of being here, in this diverse – dare I say it – ‘scene’.

Track list

01. Bone Blossom Green
02. Jelly
03. Esoteric Hex
04. Circled Omens
05. Elevator
06. Follow Me
07. A Tether
08. Eyes
09. Fuzzy 95
10. The Turnspi

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