A Clunk Back n Forth with Dana of Porridge Radio

Hi Dana, firstly could you tell us a little about Porridge Radio, who does what?

Hey, Porridge Radio is me singing and playing guitar, Sam on drums and sometimes bass, Maddie on bass and singing and Georgie on keyboard and singing.

Porridge and radio usually come together for me at breakfast time. How did Porridge Radio come together for you folks?

Porridge Radio started as my bedroom solo project but evolved into a full band a few years ago when I met the others and they joined the band.

My ears pricked up when I heard Give/Take on the radio, it’s a cracking record. It’s been quite a time between the album ‘Rice, Pasta and other Fillers’ and Give/Take. What have you been up to in this time?

 Thanks! We’re happy to finally be sharing new music. We’ve been touring a lot, writing a lot, and recording a whole load of new songs.

The latest release is ‘Don’t ask me twice’. I love to hear vocals go off the rails, you know, like Houseplants by Squid. Is it this type of vocal you enjoy performing, really letting it all go?

I love it yes! It feels good.

I am rather hoping that the two latest releases are tasters for a new album. Is there one and when can we get our mitts on it? We want it!

We’ve been working on one… you’ll know about it soon!

You are playing a few festivals, any bands/artists that you are particularly looking forward to catch?

Pretty much every single band playing End of the Road is amazing! Especially Mitski, Cate Le Bon, Metronomy, but so many more!

I am rather disappointed to have missed you on your April tour. So, could you do another soon please?! And maybe come to Carlisle. We want this too!

Hopefully soon but no plans yet! We do have a bunch of shows coming up this year though, check our website or on our social media for updates.

Thanks so much for taking the time for Clunk, Dana.

No worries, thank you for listening to us! Dana

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