Bonnie Trash…A DeClunk Q & A

Hello Bonnie Trash…..welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Please give us a description of your surroundings, just so we can be a little snug together during the Q & A.

Hi DeClunk, pleasure to speak with you. We are writing to you while on a flight to Calgary, Alberta to perform at Sled Island, a music festival here in Canada. It’s sunny and hot outside, with sunlight beaming through the tiny airplane windows.

Can you tell us the make up of the band, who does what etc. Our army of researchers reckon that Bonnie Trash is twin sisters making music together. Is this true? Our researchers cannot be trusted.

Emmalia and Sarafina are the primary members of Bonnie Trash. Emmalia plays guitar, and Sarafina sings, writes the lyrics, and plays drums (on our recorded music/upcoming album). Our live band includes our friends Dana Bellamy (drums), and Alanna Gurr (bass). 

Yes! Your researchers are correct. We are twins, fraternal twins. We don’t look alike but many say we have similar voices. We write and perform the music on our recordings, and perform with our full band, live. 

Obviously I have to ask…… is there telepathy when you write songs together? I mean do you find a stronger connection when writing together than with others?

We cannot disclose this information regarding telepathy or we will ruin the mystery, ha!

We definitely find a stronger connection when writing together, than with others. At times we butt heads, but that just makes for even better music making. 

Writing with others is also wonderful, it’s just different. With Bonnie Trash, we can really dive into our ancestral Italian folklore, and real-life horror stories. 

On the other hand maybe there are musical differences that cause stress, anxiety and jealousy! You best tell us, it’s a therapeutic question, you will feel better by confessing that one is hankering after a solo career!

I think we will always both want to be part of the other’s projects outside of Bonnie Trash, and that’s fine, but yes, there are moments of envy. You can’t help but compare yourself to your sibling’s success. Maybe it’s this: it seems like envy but it’s really admiration and wanting to be included. Our differences bring us together. 

Can you remember the first song that you wrote together? At what age? What was it about? What was it called?

Emmalia started playing guitar at age 9, and Sarafina started playing drums at age 11. We started jamming immediately when Sarafina began drumming. The first song, and songs for that matter, were instrumental. Our first song we wrote wasn’t about anything. In fact, it was totally, and completely about nothing. But, it was the start of something. And so, it was called, “Starting Off.” 

How come the name Bonnie Trash? Were there any others in the hat that you would like to share? Maybe there’s a new band struggling to find a name and you have some spare.

Beautiful Garbage = Bonnie. Trash. 

Here are some band names that we’d like for you to use for your next band: 

Butter Scum

Mom’s Lasagna (we can’t take full credit, our friend G helped with that name)


She Lich

I have read that you have a fascination with folk tales, especially of the ghostly type. Where does this stem from and does it influence your lyric writing?

Growing up, our nonna Maria would share old Northern Italian folk tales, superstitions, and encounters with the supernatural and strange in San Zenone degli Ezzelini in Treviso, Italy. We heard all kinds of stories from our nonni, everything from cannibal tyrants, the evil eye, drowning, poltergeists, exorcisms, and patron saints. 

As kids, our mom would then weave new stories to tell around campfires, and our dad hooked us on horror films at an early age. We were also avid readers of stories that generally make you feel unsettled. The connection between subversion and the sublime is always entrancing. Horror seems to have followed us, hasn’t it? 

Lyrically, we re-tell, amplify, and adapt the stories our Nonna Maria told us, into new ways of storytelling, rather, telling her stories. Many of her stories can be heard in the songs we write. You just have to listen.

Your latest track release is called ‘Teeth’. I note that you’re signed to Hand Drawn Dracula. Please tell us a little about it.

“We created a short film to help narrate stories our Nonna Maria told us about being haunted and followed by a curse in her hometown of San Zenone degli Ezzelini in Treviso, Italy. That short eventually became the concept of our album, which is woven into our first music video, “Teeth.” Shot at the Apollo Cinema in Kitchener, Ontario, “Teeth” bridges generations of being haunted – we see ourselves watching our work without understanding that we too have conjured the curse.” 

You also have a debut album on the way. Could you tell us all about it, when it was written, where you recorded it, is there a thread running through it, when can we expect the release?

We can’t say much right now about the new album, but what we can say is that we are delighted to be releasing it this fall. Perhaps we can chat again once it’s out. 🙂

How would you describe your music and what is Fuckpop? Are there other Fuckpop bands? Is it a movement?

Fuckpop was a show series that we ran for a few years in Guelph, Ontario. We booked bands and even a play once! It was fun. It was also a way we described our music for a while– Fuckpop was a way to make fucked up, digestible pop music. If folks start booking theatre and music together, then maybe Fuckpop WILL become a movement (dropping a huge hint here because independent Canadian theatre is incredible but inaccessible outside of major cities, wink wink nudge nudge).

What other plans do you have for 2022? A tour? A holiday in the sun?

You’ll just have to wait and see…

Would you consider a grey haired oldish fella for a part in a video some time? Maybe sitting in a corner in a rocking chair or something (can send pic).

Hell yeah! 

If we came to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

We live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. About 1.5 hours west of Toronto, Ontario.  

We’ll definitely take you to a local show here in Guelph and introduce you to our friends. There’s lots of live music to see every weekend, and we’ve got a great music scene here. Guelph has some amazing trails and places to hike, so we’ll go for a little stroll, then hit up Guelph Lake to kayak, paddle board or just enjoy the water. A cozy campfire with friends, filled with ghost stories and comedic tales is necessary. Then maybe you could join us in our DND campaign. 

Any bands/ artists that we should check out?

Cots, Nicolette and the Nobodies, Habit, Breeze, Pantayo, Praises, Status/Non-Status, Yoo Doo Right, and Pearle Harbour.

Thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We hope to see you doing your thing soon.

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