Bodega Live at the Lancaster Library

Bodega Live Review

On Saturday the 23rd of March we attended our very first library gig. We made our way down to Lancaster Library to see Brooklyn band Bodega. Having heard some tracks on the radio during 2018 I splashed out on the album Endless Scroll. I loved it so took the next logical step… tickets!

Bodega did not disappoint, their anthemic songs demanding audience participation. It was not long before everyone was soon bellowing along with ‘Jack in Titanic’. There is a lot of charisma on stage. Nikki, co-vocalist with Ben, making all the moves at the centre-front of the stage. At the back was drummer Montana, blue and pink cropped hair, beating the drums and staring like a warrior and holding it all together with the swaying Heather on bass. Guitarist Madison machine gunning his way through the choppy riffs, he wouldn’t have looked out of place on stage with the old Dr. Feelgood. The band power through the Endless Scroll tracks, the highlight for me being ‘Truth is not Punishment’. All this going on in front of the History and Travel sections. A great gig, fun to be had for all and the band all chatted with us as we purchased the merchandise! Top band, lovely people. Don’t miss out, go see for yourself.

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