Freya Beer. A Clunk Back and Forth interview. Plus dates.

Hi Freya, welcome to the Clunk universe.

Freya, please tell us a little bit about yourself. For example. Where you live, what you like to do other than music etc?

I’m originally from West London but currently based on the South Coast. When I’m not playing music, I usually find some sort of creative outlet.

Can you remember the first song that you wrote? what was it about, what was the title?

The first song I wrote was when I was 11 years old and it was called Trust You. The song was about being in a toxic friendship, because of course at 11 I have so much life experience!

When did you realise that you had a singing talent? Did you get lots of encouragement?

I started singing when I was 10, but hardly anyone knew! When I was 13/14 I gained more confidence and began to perform in front of either my parents or friends. But it wasn’t until I was 18 when I found my own unique vocal style.

I believe you started your own label. Did you just not want to get tied down or was this move always part of your musical ambition?

I started Sisterhood Records to purely just release my own music. As I’m currently unsigned, I thought it would look good to have a name under my work.

Have you any others signed to your label, plans for any?

At the moment, I don’t have any plans to sign bands as I’m focusing on my own releases.

Love the single ‘Dear Sweet Rosie’. It carries a hefty riff. Is that you on guitar? Who else is on the record?

Thanks, glad you like the single! The track has a huge wall of sound which is accomplished by the main riff, which I play and the drumming which is by Andy Hargreaves from I Am Kloot. I was very lucky to work with a number of talented musicians on this track including Dave Fidler who brought the song even more alive by adding additional lead guitar and piano.

What are your plans for 2020? Album? Tour? Holiday in the sun?

My plans for 2020 are booking more gigs around the UK. In June I have gigs booked in Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow. Prior to this I have a couple of London gigs in March, and I’ll be playing Brighton in April. There will be more single releases throughout the year and possibly an album!

This week at Clunk HQ we have been listening to Big Thief, Field Music, Pip Blom, Tropical F. Storm, Beak and Marblmoon. What tunes have you been getting your ears around? Anything you think we should check out?  

I’ve been playing on repeat Nadine Shah’s new single ‘Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)’. It’s brilliant and I can’t wait to hear her new album ‘Kitchen Sink’ when it’s released in June!

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk, Freya. Looking forward to seeing you during 2020, maybe get Carlisle on the tour date list!

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