CALM…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

Hello CALM………welcome to the Clunk universe

Please introduce the band.

Hello Clunk universe, it’s great to be here. My name is Adam, and I sing the songs and produce them in my bedroom. We have Jack on guitar, James on the other guitar and synths, Louie on bass,  and Mark on the drums. We all live in London.

So, the name CALM. How did it come about and why are all the letters capitals?

The name came about when Jack and I originally started the band in 2018 and we were searching for a name. Jack’s favourite word at the time was ‘calm’, as in “yeah that new song idea is calm”. I thought that has to be the name, funnily enough he stopped saying it after then. The capitals were more of a stylistic choice, It feels a bit louder in caps and we want to be heard! Sometimes Louie (our bass player) still uses calm as an adjective which is nice.

Your latest release is out on the 26th of June. It’s called ‘Is there anybody alive out there?’ plus another track ‘Something’s changing’. What inspired the two?

These two songs were written over two consecutive days just as we went into lockdown. Something’s Changing was kind of an observational commentary on what was happening, seeing contradicting news stories and nobody was quite sure what was happening as we have never encountered something like this in our generation before. Is There Anybody Alive Out There? was written from the perspective of being isolated from friends and family, and questions how we ended up in the situation that we are in, when not so long ago we had everything we wanted. It reflects on how things once were, and how we now must make the most of simple conversations and online interactions in a world that is experiencing drastic change.

Tom Robinson has given the band support on 6Music. Having Tom giving CALM a push must be very exciting. Tell us about it.

That was a really nice surprise – we submitted our song through Freshonthenet and the folks over there very kindly picked one of our songs to be played by Tom on his 6music show which felt like a big achievement for us!

What are the future plans for CALM. Any further releases planned, maybe a tour at some point? Or haircuts and holidays at first opportunity?

We haven’t seen each other since the start of lockdown, all of our encounters have been through a laptop screen so when we finally meet up haircuts might just have to be the first thing we broach.

We are planning to release a lot of music this year, if anything lockdown has pushed us to be more productive with that so there is lots to come!

Have any of you managed to learn any new skills during lockdown? Maybe a new language? Cooking? Calligraphy? Keepy-uppies?

My girlfriend has been learning spanish and making me feel very lazy when it comes to new skills. I have spent most of my time writing to be honest, so i suppose there are always new skills to learn when it comes to music production which i have been picking up. I saw our bass player Louie practising keepy-uppies with a toilet roll… Guess some of us have been more affected by lockdown than others.

In the last week at Clunk HQ PINS, Jehnnie Beth, Thom Yorke, Tropical Fuck Storm, The Heartwood Institute and some mid 60s Manfred Mann have all had a spin. What have you been listening to and is there anything we should give a go that might have passed us by?

The latest Tame Impala record ‘The Slow Rush’ has been my soundtrack to lockdown, it’s brilliant. I read somewhere it was the perfect album for the summer, and then summer got cancelled.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a day and a night where, as entertainment manager, would you take us for good times?

Being a cliche London band, usually when we’re hanging out it’s Shoreditch. Some of our friends work at The Old Blue Last pub which is actually where we played our first ever show so it holds a special place in our heart – there are always some interesting bands playing. If not there then you can often find us in a Wetherspoon’s, we’re easily pleased. I think we all met in a Wetherspoon’s to be honest.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk folks. Don’t forget Cumbria on your tours!

Top of our list!

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