The Lutras…A Back and Forth Interview.

Hi folks from The Lutras, welcome to the Clunk universe.

Thank you for having us.  Please tell us about The Lutras, who does what, where you are based, why the name?
We’ve got Ben Clements – Vocals & GuitarThomas Gillan – Guitar Danny Heron – Bass Finlay Maxwell – Drums
This question pops up from time to time, we came up with it in 2013 when we first started, we were mucking around with some ideas and we ended up with The Lutras, Latin for ‘ The Otters ‘ 

 The song sounds like a good old fashioned Christmas single, it’s a cracker. What time of year did you write ‘Give it up for Christmas’ and how did you get into the Christmas spirit? Was it drinking whisky and dancing to those old classics like Slade or Wizzard with silly hats on?
Thank you, we’re glad you like it. It was wrote at the end of summer going into autumn, originally it wasn’t a Christmas song but as Danny & Ben were writing it they realised it had a Christmas feel to it & the original was scrapped and Give It Up For Christmas was born.
The Christmas spirit was brought into play by crates of beer & tequila… There is a lot of collaboration involved in the record. Who else is involved and how did you manage to pull it all together during lockdown and tier systems etc.?
There’s too many to name but we’ve got musicians from all over the UK involved, we’ve got The Phoenix Choir from Edinburgh involved, we managed to piece together a brass section, there’s about 40 musicians all together, including our drummers dad. We went into Lovers Lane studio in Dumfries, the 4 of us and laid the foundations of the track down, we then sent it off to other musicians to add their parts, so it was quite stressful having to communicate through a WhatsApp chat to explain what was required etc but we told all the musicians to just add what they felt would fit and it exceeded our expectations. It was all done within 2 weeks too so the time frame also added pressure. 

 This is a charity record so please tell us which charities benefit and why.
Yeah we wanted to give something back this Christmas, it’s been a difficult year for everyone and this time of year is hard enough for some people, so with everything that’s going on it’s not going to be any easier. 
We chose Shelter as we want to try and help make sure people have somewhere to go for food and somewhere they can sleep safely, nobody deserves to be spending Christmas alone. 
Music Venue Trust, a lot of venues are closing due to Covid & we want to try support these venues in hopes that they won’t have to close their doors, these venues have seen multiple big artists play on their stage & they’re the bread & butter for touring bands like ourselves, without these venues, bands like us wouldn’t exist. 

 I guess we can’t leave out the question what’s best Christmas single ever?
Ben – Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? Thomas – Wham – Last Christmas Danny – Wizzard – Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Finlay – The Pogues – Fairytale of New York  What are the plans for The Lutras for 2021. Any new releases coming up, maybe some shows tentatively pencilled in?
Hopefully we can pick up some of the festival slots we had booked in for 2020, there will be new music, we were due to release an EP around October 2020 but couldn’t due to Covid so that’ll be first up. So hopefully a load of touring, festivals & new releases.  

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. I hope Christmas works out okay for you folks and that the song sells loads and nabs that Christmas number 1 spot!
Thanks for having us, Merry Christmas x

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