Mirror Trash new album and a Clunk Back and Forth interview.

Carlisle band Mirror Trash have a new album out there for your listening pleasure. The album is called NEONTRASHA. Here at Clunk HQ we reckon you going to like it. It’s got plenty of melodic guitar as on the track SAF and dreamy atmospherics as on Second Thoughts. Give it a listen then go here to purchase.


and now for a little chat……..

Hello Mirror Trash……welcome to the Clunk Universe

Hello Clunk Universe! It’s a pleasure to be here!

Tell us who makes up the band, who does what?

Aizat, I play guitar, I write the songs, I sing and I’m also writing the answers for this interview. Adam plays drums, Asha plays keys and Joby plays bass.

Mirror Trash….an interesting name. How did that come about? Were there other contenders in the hat?

I was listening to a lot of Total Trash by Sonic Youth whilst staring at a Mirror at one point, it’s kind of anti-climactic but that’s how the name came to me.

Neontrasha is the name of the new album. What does that mean?

Joby came up with the name as a joke during one of our practices but I thought it sounded great. NeonTrAsha is an amalgamation of Neon Lung, Mirror Trash and Asha. Since both Joby and Adam are in a band called Neon Lung, currently playing under Mirror Trash and Asha is also in the band with us, I just thought it’ll be cool to call the album Neontrasha.

Neontrasha is released today, the 29th of January. How did you go about getting the songs together? Was it lyrics first, or perhaps a riff, or a mixture of both?

For me personally, I almost always come up with the riff first. I never really put in much thought into lyrics. Most of the time, I’m just trying to form sentences with the right syllables to fit into the verse or chorus of the songs.

With all the lockdowns and restrictions when did you record the songs?

We recorded everything in mid to late 2020, mostly separately in our own time due to the lockdown restrictions. During the first lockdown, we’ve managed to record a song with our friend Lauryn Graves called Sublime. We did it all separately since we couldn’t leave our houses unless if it’s absolutely necessary. That song was kind of like an experiment for us to see whether or not we could record songs without having to be in the same room at the same time. Safe to say, I think we did alright.

There are a very few copies available on vinyl. How come? Lack of funds?

Yeah, we’re still very much an independent DIY kind of band. We don’t really have like a huge financial backing. However, that being said, I also like the idea having only a few copies of the record to sell. I find that it makes it a bit more special for people who has bought the vinyl to support us.

Would it be right in thinking that the songs are rather personal?

I mean, to an extent but at the same time not really. I was more inspired by other people’s stories about being betrayed, anger and all these kinds of emotions. The songs are more fictional rather than factual in the case of Neontrasha, I think I was more worried about how we sounded, rather than the words that were coming out of my mouth.

How have you all managed during the lockdowns? Taken up new instruments? Got to grips with baking? Online quizzes? Or perhaps you’ve been working.

I think everyone is just trying to survive the lockdown at this point, there’s not really much we can do but stay inside and work from home, if working from home is an option!

If Mirror Trash could share the stage with any band/artist in the world who would it be? Why? Where?

DIIV, Beach Fossils and Manic Sheep. Anywhere, I think we’re at this point where we just want to play together.

Have you pencilled in any gigs for later in the year? What plans do you have for 2021?

Nope, no gigs lined up for us unfortunately, no plans for this year with the exception of releasing Neontrasha!

Thanks for your time with Clunk. We have really enjoyed the album at Clunk HQ.

Thanks so much for having us!

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