– Share two new singles “sailor Mouth” “Hot Car”

New-York-by-way-of-Texas transplants Why Bonnie release two tracks, Sailor Mouth and Hot Car,” off of their forthcoming debut album, 90 in November, out August 19th on Keeled Scales.

Following the sunny 90 in November and previously-released single Galveston,” album opener “Sailor Mouth”crashes into existence with a squeal of feedback and a burst of distorted guitar. The track is “about growing around your memories. Your foundation never changes but your relationship to it is always evolving,” explains Blair Howerton. The hazy “Hot Car” is sweltering, with a hypnotic synth line mimicking the way a mental loop of dormant thoughts that surface in the warm cocoon of a car speeding towards its destination in the dead of night. Howerton elaborates: “We wanted to include a contrast to the sunny disposition of the album. ‘Hot Car’ is meant for those quiet, contemplative, solo night drives.”

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