3 Barn Owls and Squid. A night out.

Squid ‘Bright Green Field’ . The future of Rock and Roll is here

Squid, a band that we have been trying to catch live for a couple of years. Clunk interviewed Squid 2 or 3 years ago, check it out. The first decision to make on the evening was which route to take, motorway or scenic across the hills. Well, it was daylight so scenic wins out. A great decision because it ended up like a safari. I had to stop the car to watch a pair of Barn Owls hunting over a small meadow, being observed by a kestrel sat on some wires. A stoat ran across the road and I had to keep stopping to allow pheasants and partridges to clear. Happy days! Yeah, that’s all well and good I hear you say but what about the gig? 

We were treated to a band that we hadn’t seen before, Kaputt. The 6 piece band from Glasgow gave us a catchy, danceable set. The beats jerks about, the saxophone weaves its way through the set.  Check them out. Tell you what, here’s a taste 

Then it was Squid, playing their own brand of experimental raucous rock. At times I thought my ears might be bleeding, sticking plugs in my lugs being an old habit that I had forgotten. Ollie gave his vocal chords a good bashing as well as his drum kit. This isn’t just bashing and ear blasting though, this is psychedelia, krautrock, punk , jazz, you name it. There is no filler in this set with much of it taken from the debut album ‘Bright Green Field’. There was ‘Paddling’, ‘Narrator’, ‘Boy Racer’ and oldie ‘The Cleaner’ thrown into the mix. The finale was ‘Pamphlets’. The future of Rock n Roll is here in the form of Squid.

And finally……….

You’re not going to believe this but on the way home, just about to enter the village, another Barn owl appeared in the headlights, sitting on a fence. A perfect evening.

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