A Declunk Back and Forth Interview with Violent Vickie

We recently covered the latest Violent Vickie album ‘Division’, which we rather like. Here’s a chance to get to know a little more about her. Have a read then have a listen to the track shared this week, ‘Get To Me (fragrance remix).

Hello Violent Vickie…..welcome to the DeClunk Universe.

Please could you describe your surroundings so that we can build a picture in our mind’s eye.

There’s piles of clothes and random stuff strewn across the floor with bright floral tapestries and pictures of hindu gods and goddesses on the walls.

To be honest Vickie I’m a bit scared! How come you’re Violent Vickie?

Lol cuz I’ll hurt you if you cross me….No really I chose the name when I was a baby. It’s my punk name.

We love the latest album ‘Division’ at DeClunk HQ. Why is it called ‘Division’. Who else is involved in the making of the album?

Thank you! It’c called Division because I was in the process of letting go of things that I don’t want and setting boundaries as I was writing the album. My friend E added fabulous guitar parts and other things here and there.

The video to Serotonin is rather cinematic goth. Are you a big fan of cinema?

I am not a huge film watcher probably due to having a small attention span, but I can definitely appreciate the aesthetic. AJ

Strout and Luka Fisher and I collaborated on the vision taking some inspiration from the exorcist and some other horror films. AJ put it all together with his top notch editing/visual style that has been displayed in many goth clubs in LA.

Is there a thread running through ‘Division’ and do you have a favourite track on it.

There’s a lot of songs about lost love and lust…My favourite is Serotonin.

How do you go about writing? Lyrics first? Music first? A mixture of both?

Sometimes beat first, sometimes lyrics first recorded in the car or on my phone notes.

When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter/artist?

I was born into a musical family and was in choirs, bands and orchestra until I went to college and was introduced to the underground and to electronic music. Post riot grrrl electronic music and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is what inspired me to get into making music myself..

What was the first song that you wrote and what was it about?

Oh gosh I’m not sure lol. I made a song in my electronic music class that was angry at a male philosopher…I probably made some songs on acoustic guitar before that, possibly with a heartbreak theme.

Is there going to be a tour? Maybe the UK? There’s a dinner at DeClunk HQ in it!

Hopefully soon! I need a sponsor. J

If we were to visit you in your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us. You are the Entertainments Committee!

The local vegan restaurants, the beach, and the goth club.

If you could play any venue in the world which would it be and which band/singer would you have on with you?

Venue? Idk…A big festival would be rad. Playing in Mexico City was the best. The audience was so enthusiastic. I’d like to play with Miss Kittin, Alice Glass, Kanga, Adult., and more!!

Any bands/ artists that we should check out?

Odonis Odonis

Thanks very much for taking the time with DeClunk, Vickie. See you out there doing your stuff sometime soon.

Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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