Chork….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

Hello Charlie…welcome to the Clunk universe.

Charlie… you are out there under the name of Chork? When I put the word into a search I got a picture of a utensil crossed between a fork and a chopstick! Is this how you decided on Chork?! If not please explain.

I’ve never searched Chork into google before so I’m glad to hear of your accurate findings. Unfortunately the name Chork isn’t related to a hybrid of a fork and a chopstick. I was always called ‘Charlie Chalk’ as a kid and the nickname Chalk has stuck with me ever since. When I was uploading ‘Old New Love’ to my digital distributor and chose ‘Chalk’ as my artist name there were a million-and-one artists under the same name, so I decided to be cool and hip and go with the slightly more quirky spelling of ‘Chork’.

Your debut single ‘Old New Love’ was released on the 12th of June. Did you have a release day celebration? I guess a party was out of the question.

If you class sitting alone in your studio grazing on Almonds as a party then I guess I had a mad one! As it was my first release I didn’t really know how the day was going to pan out. Obviously getting added to the first Spotify Playlist resulted in a very serious fist-pump but then after that it was back to the Almonds.

Can you tell us about the experience behind the lyrics of the song? It seems a bit personal.

Yeah so there was quite a lot of resistance to putting ‘Old New Love’ out there, as you rightly stated the lyrics are very personal to me. 6 months ago I went through a really tough breakup, a break up that I was to blame for and a break up that I’m still searching to forgive myself for. There was no real intention to sit down and write a track about what I was going through but I guess that what’s music for me is for – Writing Old New Love allowed me to express how much pain I was/am in but yet how consoling it is to still be very much in love without being in contact with that very special lady.

Have you found that being in Lockdown has been a creative time for you? Have you been writing? Planning a few dates for later in the year? Planned a dream holiday? Baking?

I’ve spent almost every day of lockdown in my studio! It has a little kitchen in it so I guess that takes care of the baking.With regards to writing, I’ve written two more tracks throughout lockdown – one of which is an acoustic track themed around lockdown itself and goes a little bit into the broad subject of life itself. The other is currently going through the recording process and is taking shape quite nicely – I’m looking forward to getting that track out there and really want to keep the momentum going after my first release.

The only other plans I have for the future is getting the new tracks tight with the band. It’s been pretty frustrating for me to have these songs down and not being able to play them live with the lads. As soon as we get the nod, we’ll be getting together and getting ready for live shows!

I have read that you have played in a band or two. Do you prefer to be soloing, being in control or do you miss the hanging out with bandmates stuff?

I’ve got the best of both worlds! I write and produce everything myself now, so once I’m finished I get the lads to play it with me as a band, however, the later part has obviously been put on hold over recent months so I can’t wait to get back with the bandmates.

If we were heading down to your neck of the woods and you were in charge of entertainment for a day and night what would we be doing?

Not much goes on in desolate Derbyshire (especially in my tiny village) but we’d have a great time during the day exploring the beautiful scenery and eating the infamous Bakewell Tarts. At night we would be the only ones still awake so we’d probably have to venture further afield to Nottingham which has got an amazing music scene.

This last month at Clunk HQ we love the new albums by PINS, Jehnny Beth and Sports Team. Anything stand out for you recently?

My listening is pretty obsessive so I’ve pretty much had the following Albums on repeat throughout lockdown –

Marigold by Pinegrove

Mr Experience by Donny Benet

Winter Wheat by John K. Samson

This Old Dog & Here Comes The Cowboy by Mac DeMarco

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. Don’t forget to add Carlisle on to any tour!

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