Louis Dunford: New EP out today.

Louis Dunford has a new EP out today. It’s called ‘The Popham’ and features 6 tracks  including ‘The Angel’ and recent single ‘My Generation’.

Speaking about the track ‘The Angel’ Louis says: ‘I wrote this song about my home town. Anyone who’s lived in North London as long as I have will recognise the people and the places I’m talking about in the lyrics. Some that are still here and some that are not. It’s my family and friends favourite song I’ve ever written. Everyone’s London is different. I tried my best to capture ours’ .

Just a warning before you watch the video for ‘The Angel’. There is a disturbing image in around 30 seconds. This is where you will find the Arsenal football badge and, as we all know, does feature the word Arse. Don’t let that put you off! Give it a listen then check out the EP.

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