Reviews by Clunk Clare: Mr. Ben and the Bens, Squid, Holiday.

Sheffield based “Mr Ben & the Bens” played Carlisle’s Vinyl Café and man, they were awkwardly endearing. Elvis Costello meets Mac Demarco meets… trumpet. Incredible!

“Holiday” graced The Fell in Penrith with odd Christmas socks in April and two snapped E strings. The band are blessed with an unbelievable lead vocalist and guitarist, a bassist who continues the music (when the lead is fixing his snapped string at the speed of light) and a drummer who creates the grungiest beats. The band filled the room and had everyone on their feet. 10/10 would recommend.

Brighton based band “Squid” are pretty damn weird, some kind of… funk-grunge? They’re catchy and shouty and gritty. The song “House Plants” is full distorted guitar layered with repetitive strange noises. The song is about extortionate rent and green fingers (relatable). 

P.s. I love the reference to XTC. Good ol’ Nigel.

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