Toyah at The Old Fire Station

Back in 1981 a song came into our lives, those of us old enough to remember, that will stay with us forever. ‘It’s a Mystery’ introduced us all to Toyah. This wasn’t her first release and she already had a solid fan base having toured and released the albums Sheep Farming In Barnet and The Blue Meaning. Toyah came into our living rooms in 1981 with the performance of It’s a Mystery, on Top Of The Pops, full of bounce, energy, a smile and a twinkle. So, I can tell you that 41 years on nothing has changed. Toyah brought all that bounce and seemingly endless energy to Carlisle. She kicked off with Thunder In The Mountains and Echo Beach. We were treated to classic Toyah songs including Leya, Rebel Run and Brave New World. Sprinkled in amongst these were tracks from more recent albums, Sensational, Dance In The Hurricane, Levitate and Zoom Zoom. Of Course ‘It’s a Mystery’ was not left out and Toyah invited us to get out our phones in the introduction to the song. She also informed us that this was the song that changed her life. Of course, we all sang along, just as you do whether you have it on your record deck or when you hear it on the radio. Toyah told us, proudly, that she and Robert Fripp had now been married for 30 plus years and she enjoyed telling us that she tried to get Mr. Fripp to do The Twist in the video to Space Dance, ‘We can all do the Twist, right? Well,he couldn’t, yet still looked cool’. As the evening came to an end we were treated to another classic singalong anthem ‘I Want To Be Free’. Toyah recalled that this was written as a 14 year old and we all joined in

I don’t want to go to school
Don’t want to be nobody’s fool

Toyah chatted,smiled and laughed throughout the evening, putting a smile on all those that were there. Thanks Toyah!

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