Constant Follower….a close shave then back in the studio.

The tornado that ripped through Austin on the band’s last day (21/3/22) in the city missed them by less than half a mile, devastating housing in the neighbouring estate. Government automatic warning broadcasts sounded over all mobile devices and television sets as tornado sirens wailed outside, advising they were in the direct path of the tornado and must seek shelter immediately. The host that the band were staying with stripped the mattresses off the beds and made a makeshift shelter in the centre bathroom of the house, away from flying glass windows, and the band safely sat it out until the tornado changed direction at the last moment and the area was given the all-clear.  

An exciting, and terrifying, end to a wonderful week in which the band played four official SXSW showcases, gaining widespread acclaim and several festival ‘highlights’ mentions.

The band (Stephen McAll on vocals and acoustic guitar, Andrew Pankhurst on electric guitar, Annie Booth on backing vocals and synth, and Dave Guild on bass) now head into the safer climes of their Stirling studio to record the follow-up to their acclaimed debut ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’ which has already found its way onto 17 ‘Best Albums of the Year’ lists. And, following talks in Austin with the band’s “dream label”, things are looking up for the fourpiece.

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