A DeClunk Q & A with Boy Deluxe

Hello Boy Deluxe…..welcome to the DeClunk universe

The army of researchers here at DeClunk HQ reckon you are based in LA. Is this true? and would you please describe your surroundings so that we can be together during this Q & A.

We’re sitting in our little studio in Los Feliz with the consistently noisy auto body shop behind us.

Please could you introduce us to the members of Boy Deluxe and what they bring to the band.

Hope – Vocals and songwriting

True – Songwriting and production

How did you get together and why the name Boy Deluxe? Were there any other names in the hat?

That’s actually a really long story but, the short of it is we met in Seattle years ago when Hope worked at a cafe that True frequented. After becoming friends & starting to hang out outside of the cafe, we began writing music together. It was game over pretty much after that.

For a while we were playing around Seattle & touring under a different name, but shortly after moving to LA we realised how much we had grown out of the old project and were becoming something totally different. 

We chose Boy Deluxe because we like androgyny and we don’t really conform to normal gender roles. Deluxe because, well we think we’re really good at it.

There were other names in the hat, but we’ll never share them because they’re all trash.

‘All Out’ has a new video release. We love it. Could you tell us about the song and the video.

We love this song and originally when we released ‘Risen’, we wanted to do a video for ‘I’m the Blood’ and ‘All Out’, but time didn’t really permit that. So we thought, fuck it, let’s just make it and release the video even though the song is out.

We got together with our good friend Badtooth and let them run with it. They brought on all these amazing people to make the video / collaborate with and it was so much fun to watch it come to life. Really, we had a couple ideas for the video and then Badtooth came back later and was like, “ This is what we’re going to do…” . It was the first time we had ever really given creative control over to someone. As scary as that was, we love the way the video turned out. 

We wrote the foundation of the song years ago, but never finished it. We came back to it during the pandemic and fell in love with it again.

The production on this was really fun – keeping the parts that worked from the original version and then adding new elements like the Moog and layered vocals that True turned into a  sample in the last chorus. 

Lyrically, we wrote this when we were sick of doing the same old self sabotage over and over again. Living in fear gets exhausting. Then the second verse talks about making a promise to start going all out no matter what. Really, the lyrics are like a conversation with yourself. 

We have delved into other Boy Deluxe songs. There is quite a few from this year as well as the Ep Risen from last autumn. Any chance of putting some together on a record or CD? We like the physical and we would get straight onto purchasing!

So  much of being an indie artist today is, unfortunately, budgeting. We have such a limited amount of money to spend and we’re always trying to find out how to best serve our project with the resources we have. That being said, we would LOVE to put out some vinyl. We will definitely let you know when we do 🙂

What plans for 2022? New music? Is there a tour? Are you coming to the UK? Fancy dinner at DeClunk HQ if you come to Cumbria? 

We are releasing a song every month until December 2022 and then we’re not sure after that (yet). We can’t wait to tour over there, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet. Hopefully soon! And yes, dinner of course!

 If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainment Committee!

We would take you to our favorite coffee shop at the LA river (we love a good coffee & chat)  and go get some tacos. It’s LA, you have to eat tacos when you’re here.

Favourite David Bowie album?

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. We’ve always wanted to cover ‘Suffragette City’.

Any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

Holy Wars!

Many thanks for taking the time with DeClunk, so glad we found you! Looking forward to further Boy Deluxe news.

Thank you so much!

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