Nightjrrs release Dabbin House. It’s ace.

package image

It’s finally here. Nightjrrs long awaited vinyl release. It’s worth the wait. If your bag is verse, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus then try something new. This is a landscape of sound, made up of several parts. The birdsong on Dabbin House will surely take you outside, one can feel the sun on one’s back, look up and see the larks. It gets more industrial, perhaps a starker environment, perhaps winter. The music heads into an electric fuzz, there is spoken word, until it clears into clean sounding acoustic guitar. Layers are added. The bird song appears in the background behind something more menacing. It’s a fabulous musical journey and at Clunk HQ we love it. Give it a listen, take your own journey then snap up a limited edition 12”.

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